Sunday, November 9, 2008

Because Brittle Bones Asked for a Post

You know, I really do kinda feel bad for John McCain. Barack Obama practically trademarked Hope, Change, and verbs like Can in this past election. There wasn't much else for Maverick John to run with. Yes We Can became the country's rallying cry. Those three words may have changed the election. Was there anything John could have done to counteract the steamroller that was the Yes We Can campaign? Perhaps his own three words galvanize the American people?

I sure as hell would have voted for a Ducks Fly Together campaign slogan.

Because I have nothing else to add, I salute everyone who has bet against The Tennessee Volunteers this year. It's been a thrill ride that I will not soon forget. I actually had serious conversations with IWTFTB earlier this week about if we could find a money-line for 27 point underdog Wyoming. I have never been more confident about anything in my life than Wyoming beating Tennessee yesterday. The networks had "Upset Alerts" about it all day, but mark my words readers, that was no upset. That was a cash grab.

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