Sunday, October 26, 2008

State of the Union

Yes, we are alive. No, we haven't shut down the blog.



Things have changed - that tends to happen after a year and a half. Sure, we've survived some interesting situations before. Our writers have been in Pittsburgh, New York City, Columbus, State College, and elsewhere. Somehow, the site kept going.

And now, the four writers of this here site are all in Pittsburgh. You would think this is a good thing for Doubt About It. Local announcers, local atmosphere, local papers...we should be more on the beat. And believe me, we are. Rob Scuderi taking a puck to the chest in the crease does not show up in the papers.

The thing is, we talk about this stuff all the time now. At work, at lunch, at the bar, on the weekends - by the time I even think to write a blog post about how Nate Washington bugs me, I've already talked about it ad nauseum with Sam, the 'Stache, IWTFTB, and anyone else I've run into. Writing posts used to be how the four writers communicated with one another. Now, they feel like a summation of a night's conversation.

Is that corny? Yup. Does it completely ignore our responsibilities to our readers that have been more than kind to us during our stint? Yes maam. But there is no point in us throwing up garbage just for the sake of keeping the blog alive. If a blog comes across as lacking passion or a unique voice, you shouldnt waste time reading it. We don't want to be one of those blogs.

So, "what happens now?", you ask. Maybe this is the last post ever on Doubt About It. Maybe the stache report comes in Tuesday and life moves on as if the past three weeks never happened. Maybe we blow this thing up, wait til we are hungry to write again, and then start anew. I really cant say. As IWTFTB likes to say, "The shareholders are still mulling over options".

Irregardless, we don't say this enough: thanks, to everyone for everything. This is not a "thank you and good night!", but a general thanks for the support and the emails ("is the 'Stache' actually Joe the Plumber and now he is too busy to write?"). At some point, we'll figure out what is going on here and let you know.

Big one for the Steelers today. J. Staal and I will be there. Sam might find a way to sneak in. We'll see what happens.

We'll see.


Ev said...


this is not a word


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an overused term by idiots who like to sound like trendy bloggers

die slowly in hell