Friday, October 31, 2008

And Only How Many Games Have Been Played?

The Pens suck. We aren't making the playoffs. We should definitely pull the trigger on that Letang-Staal-1st rounder for Kovalchuk deal that was all over the airwaves today. We should probably trade Crosby for Ramzi Abid too. I mean, it'd be a steal with Sid being hurt and all.

Feel relaxed now? Good, you should. Maybe you have forgotten that the Penguins were awful at the start of the season last year. Awful. And last season turned out alright. Who is even playing that bad for the Penguins right now? And by bad I mean dreadful? I could go through tons of analysis, but let's try a simple experiment. I'll name a player and give you the first thought that comes into my head for them. Play along and try to keep it to a single word. I am going to write this next section in under 60 seconds...

Letang - evolving
Eaton - shaky
Sydor - uncanny at keepin the puck in the o-zone
Satan - garbage shoveler
Fleury - validation
orpik - decent
Fedotenko - Dupuis
Dupuis - Fedotenko
TK - getting his own shots
Crosby - Crosby
Staal - playing tight
Goddard/Cooke - corner warriors
Sabourin - solid
Goligoski - coming along
Zigamanis - pleasant
Talbot - Fu.Man.Chu
Sykora - Recchi
Bissonnette - nose breaker
Scuderi - Yeoman's work
Gill - unlucky

Do you see "unbearably bad" anywhere? No. People are freaking about Staal, but the kid is in a contract year...and he's 20. You worked at Pizza Hut when you were 20. You did not have millions of dollars on the line 3 years into your first job.

The only guy I got stuck on and didn't include was Malkin. He's undefinable at this point. Just when you think it looks like he is sulking, he's racing over to tackle a teammate that scored. Just when you are wondering how it is humanly possible for a player to maintain puck possession on the offensive boards for 15 seconds, you realize he probably should have passed it 65 different times. He loafs on D in the final seconds of the Rangers game. He breaks up a 2 on 1 last night in Phoenix. He has his hand in almost every PP goal. He completely disregards any type of setup on the PP and rifles every puck he gets at the net.

In the end, you know you are lucky to have him on your team though. You know he will deliver. Just like the Penguins. Which is why no one should be worrying right now.


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