Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 4 (Gambling) Roundup

Update: I have been meaning to point this out for weeks, and this Thomas Friedman article reminded me of it. John Buccigross' season ending column from June looks pretty damn prescient given the country's economic problems. Kind of like Friedman's article, only months earlier and from a non-expert. Bucci in '12 anyone?

- My strategy on the picks table this weekend was borne from laziness: simply take the opposite of what someone else takes. Now, given Sam's horrible track record, it would have been a no brainer to take the opposite of his picks. I even told him this. But since Sam takes the effort to actually put the whole thing together, I didn't want to rub it in his face so I told him "just give me the opposite of what the stache takes". And of course the 'Stache practically runs the table one me...

- Except for one game, one rather important game to the 'Stache and IWTFTB. For those of you who gambled on the Eagles-Bears game last night, you were treated to one of those most unpredictable, awful, turnover-prone games in recent memory. TWICE there were back-to-back turnovers, as in, the Eagles threw an interception one play then the Bears threw an interception on the very next play. There was a fourth quarter, four down goaline stand by the Bears. There was Devin Hester doing Devin Hester things, and Desean Jackson taking one step closer to becoming the most Hit or Miss Player in the NFL. Oh, and the game clock wasn't working for patches of the fourth quarter, which was positively maddening. Needless to say, I am glad I parted ways with the Stache and IWTFTB before things in the fourth quarter got particularly hideous for them.

- When the lines came out last week, the 'Stache and I both commented that everyone and their brother would be taking a Broncos-Bills teaser. This practically guaranteed that either the Chiefs or Rams would win (the Chiefs did). In a strange way, the NFL has almost become predictable in its unpredictability. Well, except for the Rams, who are striving to break their "failed to cover" streak from last year.

- The following video has nothing to do with gambling, unless you are betting on Lane Kiffin getting fired. What is the work place equivalent of Lane Kiffin sending out Janikowski for a 76 yarder - showing up to a staff meeting naked? Proposing at the company budget meeting that an extra 76k go towards buying an African Elephant for the office? The possibilities are endless. For the NFL though, nothing quite says "Terminate me" quite like this:


Pat said...

oh, another thing I forgot to mention: yes, we know that the Penguins drop the puck Saturday. Season previews and what not are forthcoming.

hergieburbur said...

As dumb as the FG chance looked, there was 1 second left. As long as you guys to cover down field, what have you really got to lose?