Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 1 In the NFL - Down Goes Brady

Just like a tree in the rain forest, Tom Brady has fallen. Overheard by fellow blogger, Pat, Michael Silver of has reported just this on the radio:

Tom Brady is OUT FOR THE YEAR.

As many of you know, I've been out to fight Tom Brady in a Vegas-style bout for almost a year. Numerous attempts to contact his agent have failed, and now today's event will surely delay our match-up until at least 2009.

Karma Tom, Karma...this injury was coming to you, now I hope you enjoy your year on Injured Reserve. To one of the cockiests athlete of the modern era: I hope Matt Cassel takes your job. Honestly, if I was on Kansas City and I ran into Tom's knee, I would have punched him in the groin too. The knee just wasn't enough for this P.O.S.

In other NFL news, fantasy football owners enjoyed a fairly mild weekend from LaDainian Tomlinson. While it's a long season, Chargers fans have to begin to wonder if maybe LaDainian's training habits with Kimbo Slice are beginning to take a know, like leg pressing small cars.

While it's only Week 1, my sleeper pick, the Atlanta Falcons, enjoyed quite the Week 1. Following my game plan of run, run, run, the Falcons ran for some 300 yards rushing against the Detroit Lions. Either it means the Falcons can ball, or, the Lions suck. For now I'll support the latter, but watch out.

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