Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sam's Sleeper Pick: New York Jets

This hate this photoshop, for so many reasons (google images)

There are three things that are guaranteed for Doubt About It football coverage:

1.) Wannstache delivers this time of year. The man beats out every prognosticator in the country in predicting the draft, likely knows the shoe size of Sean McHugh, and does so without getting the credit he deserves. He knows football and doesn't get the hype; truly the anti-Wannstedt.

2.) Looking to make a little bit of cash? If all four of us pick the same team on a given week in the picks table, its just about guaranteed to be wrong. Which brings me to...

3.) I fucking suck at football predictions. (Well, maybe baseball too...but my judgement there is drowned out by homerism. I actually try to be unbiased in football.)

With that third rule in mind, I knew I had two options: either pick the team I thought would be the worst, thereby ensuring their success, or pick the team I thought had the best shot and enjoy their season crumble around them.

I went with option 2, and hereby give the fatal kiss of death to the New York Jets.

Removing any and all emotion, the Jets, on paper, look to challenge for a wildcard spot. They have a great offensive line, solid WRs, and an improved defense with new NT Kris Jenkins and emerging star Derrelle Revis. They also have a solid veteran QB, who, according to Merrill Hoge on DVE Wednesday morning, can throw 22 yard comeback routes. Apparently, this was the only thing missing from the Jets aerial attack.


I hope the Jets suck, mostly because of Favre. There's enough whining about him on the blogosphere, though, so I'll save it. He's a big reason why I drafted Aaron Rodgers in fantasy football. The younger QB showed a lot of grace the entire summer, and I have a feeling karma is going to pay him back.

Faneca and the complaining he did last year about making only a few million dollars doesn't help either. There's also the proxy hatred for anyone or anything that had to do with the Patriots success, including Eric Mangini. The AFC East is quickly becoming my most hated division, with the Bills the only team I feel apathetic about.

So the Jets are my sleeper pick, and if they do well you'll see a post at the end of the year gloating to my fellow writers about how silly they were to doubt Brett Favre. If they suck, I'll also take credit for jinxing them. Ballsy.

Here are the picks for tonight:

Redskins (+4) at Giants

Pat: Redskins
IWTFTB: Giants
Wannstache: Redskins
Sam: Redskins

The full table will be up tomorrow.


Dave Wannstache said...

Thanks for the accolades, Sam.

However, the draft was clearly the high point for me. My season preview and weekly picks from last year made me look as clueless as Dave Littlefield running the Pirates.

That, and I do not know Sean McHugh's shoe size.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

Uh oh...John Anthony is out to an early 1-o lead. G-men -4. Is vegas nuts?

Broke But Still Drinking said...

I think I know who is responsible for the high speed chase in Pittsburgh.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

God damnit, that was me ....i need to stop driving like a maniac.