Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jumpin' The Gun

Take it easy Champ, why don't you sit this one out,
not say anything for a while

If you somehow haven't noticed, the Steelers are now ranked in the top 3 of almost everyone's Power Rankings. What does this mean at this point in the season? About as much as a Cam Bonifay promise of a Pirates winning season.

Yet what seems to have happened, yet again, is what I like to call "Media Fast Forward". Remember when the Steelers beat the Broncos in 2005 to go to the Super Bowl, and IMMEDIATELY, the media went straight to talking about how tired they were of the Jerome Bettis-goes-home-to-Detroit storyline, before anyone even had a chance to really write about it? Perfect scenario of Media Fast Forward. The media told us to be sick of the Jerome Is From Detroit (almost the name of this blog, FYI) storyline before we even had time to get sick of it.

Well, a similar thing has happened in the past few days, I think. Between a few dozen phone calls from friends, several comments-section wars on other sites, and a de facto AFC crowning by Bill Simmons, popular opinion seems to be: wow, stupid Steelers fans, they are 1-0 and got a bunch of lucky breaks from other teams sucking and now they are saying they are the class of the AFC...what jerks.


Once again, there has been some serious "Fast Forwarding" here. While it certainly makes sense that Brady hurt + Colts looking sloppy + Chargers loss + Jags loss + Steelers looking sharp = Steelers the AFC's best team early on, there is a key ingredient whose absence has been conveniently ignored: declarative "This Is The Year!" statements from Steelers Nation. When you've been burned in AFC Championships like we have, you don't make these statements. Period. Yet in trying to construe us as some sort of arrogant Goliath, all I am hearing from divisional fans is that we are pricks. Did I miss something? Did the PG or Trib front page say something like "A Super Bowl Start for Steelers"?

Find me a credible news source or blog that said in earnest that the Steelers are by far the league's best team. Because from my perspective, the response has been a tempered "that was a nice start, let's see what happens from here". Maybe opposing fan bases should worry about selling tickets for their own team instead of criticizing another for being "arrogant.


Anonymous said...

admit it, you just wanted to use that picture

Pat said...


Unknown said...

Browns fans love the THIS IS THE YEAR! crap so they figure we get caught up in it too. My old roommate was a Browns fan. Always finding imaginary things to bitch at Steelers nation about

Anonymous said...

The Browns will win Sunday. Mark my words.

Pat said...

Nothing like guarantees from anonymous commenters

Sam said...

It seems that whenever Simmons says a positive thing about another team than your own you instantaneously hate that team and its fans. The fact that he also picked the Jets to be his sleeper torments me.

Derek said...

I realize this has nothing to do with the Steelers, but I dont really give a damn. I thought that, perhaps, the buccos would go quietly on the national media stage, but no! Page 2 has called them out and it is pretty depressing to read: