Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Snell Should be Taking Notes

Imagine our surprise when The 'Stache and I got off the golf course this afternoon (err...out of the office?) to find out that Jeff Karstens was pursuing a perfect game. With two hits off of Randy Johnson to boot. We wanted to call Vegas just to see if the "Greg Brown Heart Atack Odds" had officially been taken off the board.

Equally impressive as Karstens command of his pitches was the command of his emotions. This just did not seem like a big deal to him. I actually do admire the passion and competitive nature of Ian Snell, but maybe he should, I don't know, chill out a little bit? Karstens shrugs things off and must have said a million times after the games that he has always been taught to hide his emotions so that his opponents can't figure him out. Call it the Anti-Snell approach.

If there is one thing about the recent Pirates transactions that all the DAI writers agree on, it's that the infusion of young arms will create more competition if nothing else. Snell was near the end of the handshake line today and was observably thrilled with Karstens performance, smiling like he himself had just won the big game. Snell may still be a good teammate, but if he doesn't find his "stuff" or realize that a cool head like Karstens might be a more productive modus operandi, then "good teammate" might be the only positive on his resume for the forseeable future.

One more thing: I can't believe some bloggers had posts up about the perfect game while it was in progress. Is this the first baseball game you've ever watched? Honestly. I know that writing a blog post about a perfect game isnt that same as if Freddy Sanchez was to go up to Karstens in the dugout and strike up a conversation, but still...YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT PERFECT GAMES. It's probably one of the oldest unwritten rules in sports.

I won't name names, and livebloggers get the benefit of the doubt. I was particularly surprised by one prominent blog...rhymes with Blonde Obese Spouse. But oh well. A Pirates win is a Pirates win, and hopefully Karstens will bring more.

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Stanley said...

Karstens reminds me of Duke. His stuff isn't overwhelming and he's starting strong due to his approach and the fact these hitters have not seen him before. Lets hope he doesn't lose it like Zach did.

Nice post.