Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Links

- Since the Phelps stuff generated some interest last week: an examination of how Phelps might not have touched the wall first in that uber-close Butterfly race. I'm thrilled Phelps won that race, but it certainly did look like he lost it when watching in real time. This article explains how the time sensors likely bought Phelps the extra time he needed to win the race because he came into the wall harder. Essentially, the sensors have to be hit with a certain amount of force, or else the ripples created in the pool by the swimmers would trigger them. The Serbian swimmer came into the wall a hair slower than Phelps (who exploded into the wall) which may have cost him the extra fraction of a second it takes to fully depress the sensor. So Phelps may have not touched the wall first, but still won by depressing the sensor first. Just thought it was an interesting article.

- Truehoop has been all over the Redeem Team beat (what form of basketball isnt't Henry Abbott all over?), so it is tough to link to one specific article. But he mentioned on numerous occasions how unique it was to see the game's best players display a different skillset, i.e. LeBron moving without the ball instead of having to create everything, or Chris Bosh playing inspired "glue-guy" type of play instead of being the go-to option in a stuttering Toronto offense. For some reason, I started thinking ahead to the 2010 Winter Olympics and realized the following: surrounded by Canadian All-Stars, Sidney Crosby is going to be DEE-s'gusting. Think of how many various assets Sid brings to the ice, and realize that by playing on a juggernaut team, he is going be able to showcase every last one of them. Along the same lines, if a lengthy, "can-do" type of player like Tayshaun Prince can contribute on the Redeem Team, what makes you think that Jordan Staal wouldn't make a perfect 4th line center who already knows how to play that role on a team? Joe Thornton isn't going out to defend in all three zones like Staal can.

- Watch the U.S. Open. Better yet, if you are in NYC as I just was, get some grounds passes and go check out the matches. Best ticket in sports, from a value standpoint. At a baseball/basketball/football game, you pay for a ticket and you get to watch one event. If it's a blowout, tough luck. But at the Open, there is ALWAYS a great match going on...many times even four and five. At the same time! It's madness. Go do it.

- Oh, and PSAMP talked with Smizik. Not kidding. Ballsy and well done.


tecmo said...

Thanks man!

You shoulda hit me up when you were in NYC. I live like 5 minutes south of Flushing

Anonymous said...

1. The object of the race is to be the first person to activate the sensor. Them's the rules; end of story.

2. The idea of best athletic performance of all time is stupid. It's lazy tabloid sports reporting. You might as well ask what place should be called TitleTown USA.

3. Can't wait for another season of NFL picks.