Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fool me once. Fool me twice? Fool me thrice?!?,

I picked them last year, I'll pick them again this year. You can also mark me down for next season, but as my favorite for Superbowl champs.

The Falcons are going to make the playoffs.

I'm not really going to sit here and tell you why I like this player and that player, how I think this guy is going to have a breakout year, how this guy is a sleeper.....quite frankly I am too tired for that hoop-la. I type and look at a computer all day. I will spare you the details and keep it simple.

Here is what I like: New RB...New QB...New Left Tackle. That's a face lift on offense if you ask me.

Then you have Roddy White and Michael Jenkins (The Ohio State University) who both had coming out years this past season. I also like Matt Ryan's chances of succeeding in his rookie season.

What QB has done that in their first year? Well Big Ben did.....

...and I bet you wanted to say no one has.

I like the fact that the Falcons can hand it off to Michael Turner & Jerious Norwood. I've always been a fan of running the ball and playing some defense...

(I wonder why)

By the way, Ohio State would have won the BCS Championship game last year if they would have ran more after their 10-0 lead against LSU. RUNNNNNNNN THE BALLLLLLLLLLL when you're ahead and you have a good defense!!!

Anyway, defense is exactly what Atlanta has. Jamaal Anderson (who needs start his own Dirty Bird) and John Abraham provide Atlanta with a great pass rush, Michael Boley and Keith Brooking provide strong tackling ability. The secondary...very questionable, but a good pass rush always solves that.

-IWTFTB (The Ohio State University)

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You suck brady.