Saturday, August 16, 2008

Alvarez Signs

Considering the past 15+ years, there was absolutely no reason to trust the new Pirates' management. Based on the past few weeks, people should begin to reconsider. While there is ample to debate about the Bay and Nady/Marte trades, management is at least picking a direction and running with it.

The latest proof is the signing of Pedro Alvarez while not breaking the bank. Alvarez was signed for a $6M signing bonus and a minor league deal. It fits in well with the other top picks this year.

1.) Tim Beckham - $6.15M signing bonus, minor league deal
2.) Pedro Alvarez - $6M signing bonus, minor league deal
3.) Eric Hosmer - $6M signing bonus, minor league deal
4.) Brian Matusz - $3.2M signing bonus, major league deal
5.) Buster Posey - $6.2M signing bonus, minor league deal

While the Bay trade was impressive because the Pirates' didn't flinch, not making a deal would have probably placated more fans and kept more interest in the current season. Either way, they couldn't lose spectacularly.

If the Pirates didn't sign Alvarez there would have been similar fan outrage as last year with the Moskos disaster. Possibly more. The general feeling of good will from the Bay haul of prospects and Karstens' and Ohlendorf's strong starts would have evaporated. But they didn't give in. Maybe not a spectacular move, but definitely the right one. Another step.

Huntington et al. still has a lot to prove, but if the angry mob crashing servers as they anxiously wait on each missive from DK is any indication, there are people listening.

(By the way, the major components of Matt Wieters' deal with the Orioles last year were largely the same. I always thought Littlefield was full of it when he said he really did want Moskos over Wieters. Apparently I was wrong.)


Pat said...

Leave Whitney Alone!

Out 3-5 months. I expect an apology post addressed to Whitney within 3 days, Sam.

Dave Wannstache said...

Everytime I compare Moskos and Wieters stats, I want to puke.

It didn't help when Sports Illustrated was previewing rookies who could make an impact next year and claimed that Wieters could become the best catcher in the AL by next season.

Fuck you, Dave Littlefield.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

I think Moskos has a live arm, don't count him out.......of the unemployment statistics for the upcoming census.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?