Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random Crap

The Lightning have signed Penguins' castoff Mark Recchi to a 1-year deal possibly worth $1.5M, bringing their total of recent ex-Penguins to five.(TSN) And if you believe the rumors hanging around Sydor, that total might rise to six. Even if that doesn't happen, the four games the Pens play against the Lightning will at best be bizarre and at worst an outlet for those who were not deemed to be a part of Crosby's kingdom to prove Shero wrong.

Its cute that Roberts and Recchi will be back together. Hey, maybe Stamkos can live with one of them!

-Something that sort of fell through the blogosphere net was the release of Plaxico Burress' autobiography Giant: The Road to the Super Bowl. The Steelyard was on top of it, though, pointing out a few choice quotations:

"He also openly discusses his “six homeboys from Virginia Beach,” the posse he supported during his first few years in Pittsburgh: (“I’ve seen them guys pull guns and shoot at people,” he says. “I’ve seen them beat guys with bats and things like that….”) With all these distractions, it’s no wonder Plax failed to live up to expectations while he played for the Steelers. "

My mom also caught something on the news about Plax claiming in the book that he introduced Cristal (My mom: "What's Cristal?") to Pittsburgh (I could go to Borders and get an exact quotation, but that would involve leaving the basement). So Plaxico's desired legacy in our city is the introduction of high class booze to the local party scene. Sounds about right.

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Anonymous said...

I want 3! Or at least the Lighting want 3 slightly used lots of penguin players. Think of this offseason like a woot-off and the penguins players as bags of crap... Yeah that sounds about right.