Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Penguins Re-sign Eaton

According to the Post-Gazette(Molinari has been clutch so far), the Pens have re-signed Eaton for another 2 years at $1M/year. This gives the Penguins seven defensemen and likely signals the end of Orpik's time in Pittsburgh.

Everyone knows what Eaton brings when healthy, and he would likely have commanded a higher payday had he not suffered two major injuries in the past two seasons. The team is rather deep with capable defensemen right now, and with Goligoski waiting in the wings the signing is low risk but with decent upside.

If we were to sign Hossa (or Jagr) for $7M most role players, like Dupuis and Eaton, would need to make about $1-$1.25M/yr. So far so good. Even if the Penguins do not sign Hossa, these deals are setting Shero up to be aggressive with others such as Huselius. Nothing really shocking so far, but its tough to argue with the few deals that have been made.


Anonymous said...

Eaton and Dupuis = Solid.

Still waiting for that big move. One team probably has to get the ball moving and then everything else will work itself out quickly.

What do you think about JJ possibly coming back?

Sam said...

At this point, I'd welcome any type of signing that would create as much buzz as Jagr's would.

He's not worth Hossa money, but playing with a guy like Sid or Malkin would have to invigorate him. Not sure if I want him interfering with the club house dynamic, though.