Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hopefully You Are On Vacation

Welcome to the single worst stretch of the sports year. There is nothing going on today. Repeat: nothing. The Baseball All-Star Game represents two things in my mind: 1) baseball executives trying really hard to build a larger-than-life, over-dramatic, it's-getting-dusty-in-here procession of baseball greats before the game 2) flipping channels and realizing that there is NOTHING ON TV.

In honor of this horrid day, some "notes about nothing"...
- I just realized yesterday when I flipped past "Rookie of the Year" that Julie the Cat Gaffney (pictured in her Bangor, Maine glory above and to the right) also plays Henry Rowengartner's love interest "Becky" in RofY. Yes, it is THAT slow of a sports day. Amazingly, Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine didn't go on to much of a movie career, reminding me once again that all the movies from my childhood were actually quite terrible.
- I was planning on doing Mid-season report card on the Pirates, but Dejan's is already pretty spot on. I might bump Dumatrait up a notch or two simply because I expected him to be awful (and using the same logic, bump Duke down because I expected him to be somewhat better this year). In gerenal though, I love Dejan's honesty about the players who have sucked. If Huntington falters, I'm starting the "Dejan for GM" campaign.
- Just as a gerenal note: anytime your sports team is being talked about in the business section more than the sports section, it's never really a comfortable feeling. Here's hoping the Steelers ownership saga and Penguins casino drama go away as soon as possible (doubtful).
- Speaking of the Rooney's, I'm late on this, but Mondesis House had an interview with Art Jr. Long, but interesting. I'm a little surprised it took such a hit in the comments - there are obviously a lot of legal reasons that Art couldn't talk about the ownership dilemma.
- Faceoff Factor is doing what every good blog should do: getting reader feedback. Let em know what else they should add to their already stellar site.
- Lastly, we were contacted by http://www.laddergolf.com/ about 10 months ago because Sam had just written an article proclaiming Ladder Golf the best tailgating game. They sent us a free set and wanted us to write a review.
Whoops. Better late than never?
Anyways, we might have a "review" up soon, we might have a DAI Ladder Gold tournament. Who knows. We'll think of something. Point is, we haven't forgotten about you http://www.laddergolf.com/. In fact, for us, we're right on schedule.

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Right there with you on the Dejan campaign