Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th...

A couple newsworthy stories to report on our Day of Independence...

First, The Penguins are apparently trying to sign Finish forward Janne Pesonen, FORMERLY of the Finnish Elite League. I don't know much about Janne, but hey, his numbers look good and in Shero We Trust.

The 4th does bring some sad news for all you dreamers out there who thought the Penguins could still squeeze a deal with Jagr under the cap. Jags has apparently decided to sign with Avangard Omsk for 2-years, $35 million dollars. (The picture above also applies to this story)

So yeah...that's a lot of money for 2 seasons...I don't know how anyone at the end of their career could turn that down.

In the last part of today's happenings, the Pirates have designated Bryan Bullington for assignment. This matters very little to everyday Pirate life, but I really just had to show everyone this quote from the Post-Gazette.

Bullington, projected by the Pirates as a No. 3 starter when former general manager Dave Littlefield oversaw drafting him in 2002, is 4-6 with a 5.52 earned run average in 15 starts for Indianapolis this season.

Thank you Dave Littlefield for using the #1 overall pick in the 2002 MLB draft on projected #3 starter, you are the dumbest of them all, I hate you, you, and only you, you lousy piece of worthlessness.

...This just in, Dave Littlefield is now begging Chicago GM, Jim Hendry, to gobble Bullington up off of waivers, because as Littlefield put it, he could make a perfect #3 starter for the Pirates, AKA a perfect #29 starter for the Cubs.

While on the topic of first round pitching busts, does anyone else want to see John Van Benschoten become the next Rick Ankiel? ...The man can't pitch.
Van Benschoten is 1-10 with an 8.82 ERA in 16 major league starts.

Plus if anyone saw Benschoten's first AB against the Reds, the ball effortlessly rocketed off of his bat.

Hes a natural people...


bgsteelfan said...

I for one am not sad to see the chance at Jags go. He doesn't fit in the system the Pens are building, and at this stage in his career, I don't think he had the necessary work ethic to fit in. Plus, could anyone really see him taking a back seat to Crosby et al?

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

Yeah, Jags sounds fun, but in the end he is definitely not made for our team.