Thursday, July 3, 2008

Exciting Free Agency...Only in the NHL

First off...the loss of Barry Melrose has really doomed Sportscenter and ESPN for the time being. Not only have I seen little to no hockey analysis, but I have seen way too much crap on NBA free agency. Sportscenter had an hour long countdown to the damn thing, and what do you one or two guys signed after that. I mean I don't really know my NBA, but I watch a hell lot of the bottomline...I think I've seen Baron Davis and Gerald Green sign with other teams...

That isn't the only jack that is rubbing me the wrong way these days...What the (Expletive) was up with the ESPN bottomline mentioning "Former Penguin Marion Hossa signs 1 year deal with Detroit Red Wings"... normally, and with every other free agent signing I have seen this offseason, the ticker will simply state where a player signed... Not where he formerly played!!! Maybe if a player had been playing over in the Russian Superleague for a year or two I could understand, but lord...would you like to rub it in my face a little bit more ESPN?!?!

That brings up this douche bag that lived down the hall from me my freshmen year of college. Kid lived in Virginia his whole life, and he was a Redwings fans... It sours me to think douche bag's like this will get enjoyment out of the Marion Hossa signing.

On ward!! Thank god the Penguins signed Brooks Orpik. I had sort of come to terms that we could afford losing Orpik, but after Hossa signed with the Red Wings I feared for the worst. I remember hearing the Red Wings had a good deal of cap space...what if they signed Orpik too? What if the Lightening signed Orpik? What is the deal with multiple Penguins going to the same team? It's a little too scary for me. If Orpik went to either team, I would have went Pittsburgh Pirates on him and thrown something at the TV.

How bout the Pirates beating someone worse than them? Amazing. Thank god something is actually wrong with Matt Capps. I was beginning to really hate the man...and so was Stache', who probably has hated on Capps since well before steroids were introduced to baseball. HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE.

The Stache' aka Silky Johnson, on Pirates baseball. the Penguins signed Fedotenko and Satan. Both one year deals. Does anyone see the trend here? Hossa, Fedotenko, Satan...Conklin... People trying to play with the best, get their money, win a championship, then get out and get even more money because your teammates made you look so good. The Conklin signing was the smartest I have seen all year. That man obviously wasn't getting enough respect, so he signed with a winner...a winner who's 'starting' goalie is probably going to die next season.

"Please Grandfather...hang them up...!"

Satan and Fedotenko are now part of the Sidney Crosby entourage, that of which can lead to money, women??, and of course...a cup.

I still feel have this feeling that Hossa is going to un-sign with the Red Wings and sign with the Penguins...anyone else feel like that?

Anyway, the games with the Red Wings are going to be heated next year. I will cheer wildly if Hossa gets hit.
"When I looked at it, I wanted to have the best chance to win the Stanley Cup, and I felt Detroit is that team,"

"I knew I could get more somewhere else. But of all the teams I could choose from, at the top there were two teams [Detroit and Pittsburgh], and at the end of the day I had to make a decision, and I felt best about Detroit." -Marian Hossa

Hossa...did you form any friendships while in Pittsburgh? If so, forget them.

Obviously Hossa is no American...yes, I just pulled that card. But seriously, an American player would fight adversity with the same team.

He wouldn't surrender and start fighting for the other side...the Penguins and Red Wings are not light and day. Yes...the Red Wings were very, very impressive. Did you ever think the Penguins are getting better, older, but not retirement home older...It's your choice Hossa.

Orpik will see you next year.

...and by the way, I still want to Fight Tom Brady.


Dave Wannstache said...

And the winner of playa-hater of the year is... Silllky Joohhhnn-ston.

I wish you could have incorporated Silky's quote about Rosie O'Donnell: "She wears underwear with dick-holes in 'em."

In all seriousness, good post.

Anonymous said...

Benedict Hossa

Unknown said...

Where he FORMERLY played.

Not formally.

Marco said...

Hossa must be French