Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dupuis and Malkin

According to the Post-Gazette the Penguins re-signed Pascal Dupuis to a three year deal averagin $1.4M and have come to terms with the major details of a contract for Malkin.


We potentially have Malkin wrapped up for 5 years. Read that again. Feels good, doesn't it?

The Malkin deal will essentially mirror Crosby's deal, at 5 years and $43.5M. No matter what happens today, we'll have two unselfish young superstars, with the chance to be the two greatest players in the game. Getting this out of the way will also be huge in allowing Shero to confidently make signings today that will have an impact on the financially tight 2009-2010 season. We'll need all the cap room we can get.

The Dupuis signing comes as a bit more of a surprise, but makes sense since the Pens already lost a top penalty killer in Malone. Plus, for a guy who could see significant minutes, $1.4M is a bargain. Dupuis, as the 'stache likes to say, is an "energy guy" who can play on any of the top three lines, although I think most would prefer him on Staal's wing shutting down the opposition. At least this gives Shero some flexibility in finding some top line wingers.


We have to deal with 3 more seasons of "You, Me, and Dupuis" jokes.


I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

In other news...

Matt Capps gave up another walk-off homerun when NHL free agency opened up today at noon.

Anonymous said...

Boo DooPis the Dofus is back! Well maybe he'll make some better decisions besides making stupid play after play. I have to give it to him though, every once in a while the light shines through. So for 1.4mil, I agree it is a great deal. Now someone please explain the Jagr rumors to me, and where is this money coming from?

(I know how his name is really pronouced, and I'm glad the You, Me and Dupuis joke is around)