Wednesday, July 2, 2008

7 Reasons Not to Freak Out Over Hossa Leaving

1. Evgeni Malkin is locked up as of today

2. We got Brooks Orpik on the cheap (6 years 22 mil is not bad, folks)

3. Admit it, you were getting tired of hearing Fiesta Mexicana.

4. Could be worse, he could have signed with the Flyers or Rangers. Yeah, we do play the Red Wings twice this year, but no one hated the Red Wings before this past spring.

5. A interesting trade could be brewing (Seth wondered this too over at EN). Between Orpik, Eaton, Gill, Letang, Gonchar, Sydor, Whitney, Scuderi, and Goligoski, that is 9 more-than-capabale defensemen. And with Hossa gone, there is some cap room to work with.

6. Michal Rozsival will be making as much money as Sergei Gonchar next year. Point being: you could be a Rangers fan.

7. Hossa was a Penguin for less than five months. For me, it was harder to see Colby Armstrong go, simply because he had come up through the Penguins system and, in my mind, you want to see guys like that succeed. I loved having Hossa on the team, but from day one you knew that he was a stand-in.

And if you think that because of this the trade was a failure, then go play NHL 08 and have fun trying to score goals with Christiansen and Armstrong. We would STILL be trying to move them for a big time scorer if we hadn't given them up for Hossa.


Dave Wannstache said...

If I'm controlling the sticks in NHL 08, Christiensen and Armstrong would both have 40 goals each over the course of a season.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

If you were controlling the sticks Hossa would score 100 goals....would you rather have two 40-goal scorers or one 100 goal scorer.

I love video games. One time I hit 100 HR's with Brian Giles.

Dave Wannstache said...

If only video games gave you the option of giving your players 'roids... then you could have hit 200 HR's with Giles.

P.O. said...

nice post boys... solid stuff