Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wait. This Blog Covers the Pirates Too?

I couldn't find an appropriate picture for this post so this d'bag Red Sox fan sitting a few rows in front of me a couple weeks ago will have to do. He was also wearing khaki pants. It was 95 degrees.

We're 3 games away from the halfway point of the Pirates' season. Really? The Penguins extended run has a lot to do with the baseball season flying by, but just as significant is this team's ability to not completely piss off the fans. Are there any everyday players that really drive you nuts now that Paulino is in Indy? Ok, LaRoche, but even he has his moments. The key guys who are struggling? Sanchez, Snell, and Gorzelanny have all given something to cheer for in the past and seem to have earned a bit of patience.

It also helps that the team is on pace for 50 more walks, 100 less strikeouts, and are fifth in the majors in runs scored. Its one thing to lose, and its another to lose due to impatient batting and an inability to score runs. For once it has nothing to do with offense. And as frustrating as the starting pitching has been, there is hope.

Its strange territory for Pirates fans, and even stranger for a blogosphere that is used to the easy Pirates joke. I suppose this is what it will feel like when Bush leaves office; the late night shows take a hit, but everyone involved will be better off.

That's not to say the Pirates are now free from criticism and sarcasm, far from it. It just seems that as each game goes by it becomes more and more apparent these Pirates are somehow different. Their failures are less epic, less prone to hyperbole and a Derek Bell reference.

The majority of the players are likable, they hustle, and are generally competitive each game (excluding tonight). The fans are starting to pay attention and it seems safe to say the Pirates are trending in the right direction.

What does it all mean? Probably the annual 10-game losing streak. We'll see.

- Neal Huntington made another move that signals he's looking more at the present by acquiring Danny Bautista from Detroit for marginal prospect Kyle Pearson. Huntington looks good regardless, as his decision to not re-sign Shawn Chacon may have saved his life.


Unknown said...

I see you sliding that Bush joke in there like it's no big deal. Well done.

And how about Chacon! Why on earth couldnt he have done that to Littlefield and killed him? (too far...?)

Anonymous said...

I am ready for another installment of ask the scout

Anonymous said...

wow, that guy looks like a huge d-bag. what game were you at? buccos game?

Sam said...

@Frank: Ask the Wandering Spirt: Dave Littlefield might not be as popular as Ask the Scout. Still, a Chacon Littlefield fight would have at least gotten the Pirates some national media attention.

@anon2: It was at PNC when the Bucs played the Diamondbacks and Randy Johnson pitched.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the lineup in two years...

Outfield: Nate, McCutcheon, Nady/Bay/

Infield: Doumit C, Alvarez 3b, Wilson ss, sanchez 2b, anyone at 1b

that isnt a bad lineup assuming alvarez comes through and laroche is cut