Friday, June 27, 2008

Steelers Dump "The Dumptruck"

And thus, it brings to a conclusion all of those poop/hamper jokes.

NFL Network is reporting that the Steelers have released Najeh Davenport. With the drafting of Rashard Mendenhall and the signing of Mewelde Moore, it's hardly surprising news. It paves the way for Gary Russell to make this team again as well.

There simply was no place on the roster for Davenport. I appreciate his contributions on the football field. In retrospect, he was a pretty good signing, as he filled the role of 3rd down back capably. As a player, I have nothing bad to say about him. He came to the Steelers, did his job, and never complained, which is more than I can say for a few guys (I'm looking at you, Cedrick Wilson). He should land on his feet. There are plenty of teams that could use a pretty good 3rd down back, which Davenport is.

Tonight, the women of Pittsburgh can sleep without the fear of finding a "gift" in their laundry hampers. Godspeed to you, Mr. Davenport.


Ev said...


im very happy this happened, i dont know why they were even shopping him, no one was even going to give up even a 7th for this guy

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

I was happy Najeh had the success he had, for as long as it lasted.

Letting him go at this time, however, is absolutely the right move. Too much talent ahead of him. Signing Mewlelde Moore was one thing. Having Rashard Mendenhall fall into their lap is something else. That's what sealed his fate.

It says something about the depth/level of talent now at running back on this team that he'd be looking up at Gary Russell, Mewelde Moore, Rashard Mendenhall and Willie Parker. Way too much talent. That's a good thing. Plus, not incidentally, that whole ssault thing last season probably didn't help his case. Some mistakes, you never stop paying for. Still,I wish Najeh luck, as long as it's not with the Browns, Bengals or Ravens.