Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saftey Blanket

I was wondering how we would segway from an amazing Penguins' playoff run to the Pirates and a relative dearth of sports news, and then reader Josh answered my prayers:

The easy way out would have been to tell the graduates of Westlake High School that the misspelling on their diplomas was a final test.

A test. Yeah, that's it.

Instead, Principal Timothy Freeman fell on his red pen, shouldering responsibility for the diplomas issued to 330 Westlake graduates at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland on Saturday that read board of "educaiton," not "education."

Thank you, Cleveland. Don't feel too bad, at least Drew Carey is doing everything possible to ruin the greatest game show of all time.

Anyone else excited about the prospects of Clevelanders actually having hope for the Browns only to have their dreams shattered?

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