Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pirates' Quiz Contest

Reader Mark sent this pretty sweet Pirates quiz in, and we thought we would turn it into a contest. The first person to figure out this quiz/puzzle will get a free 2-pack of Wilson Zip golf balls courtesy of Doubt About It. Email all answers, including the final one, to

Mark takes it from here:

Possibly The Hardest Pirate Quiz Ever

(ok...not the hardest, but pretty tough.)

(well, not even all that hard...but kindof fun)

(actually, it might not be fun if you can't figure it out)

I want to see who the real Pirate buffs are by offering this Quiz/Challenge. If you can solve the "puzzle" you'll be considered as one of the greatest Pirate fans in the history of the franchise. Well, not one of the greatest...but one that's pretty good.. Ok, its not even that great of an accomplishment to get this correct...but you'll feel good about yourself. Hey, you might not even feel good about yourself because you probably won't be able to get this right is POSSIBLY THE HARDEST PIRATE QUIZ EVER.

  1. 3.14's number.

  2. Johnny Rizzo did this noteworthy number on 5/30/1939.

  3. Bob Veale blanked teams this many times.

  4. 1954 wasn't good for this kind of thievery numbers-wise.

  5. The number of extra inning losses 1984 team minus 2.

  6. The back of Willie minus the back of Ralph.

  7. Number of times Don Robinson struck out the side on 9 pitches in one inning.

  8. The wins of John Smiley, 1991.

  9. Number of homeruns in 1904

  10. Richie Hebner's record number of at-bats in one nine inning game in 1975 times three.

  11. Rennie Stennet's amazing record of hits over three games plus Ginger Beaumont's record for runs in a game minus record for triples in a game by an individual (held by 5 players).

  12. Number of Pirate Cy Youngers

Final Question: What do the answers to the above questions spell?
Hint: Lowercase letters and a mirror will probably help

Email your answers to


Anonymous said...


I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

You are crack, if you answer one of these questions.

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