Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Malone Says No to the Blue Jackets

Well, for now at least.

A deal was supposedly in place for the Penguins to trade his rights to the Columbus Blue Jackets, likely for a 2nd round pick. Minnesota and Vancouver were also reportedly in the mix, but all of those rumors will now dissipate with the news that Malone will wait to sign a contract until unrestricted free agency begins on July 1.

I guess it's the smart move for him. Why limit yourself to one team when you can have multiple options and have each team that enters the bidding drive up your price? It's the law of supply and demand, and more teams involved in acquiring his rights will mean more money in his pockets.

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Raccoon Nine said...

Still disappointing to see him go, seems to be pretty likely, eh? Guess you can't blame him for wanting to make what he can. He'll be missed.