Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Last Dance

Doubt About It staff reacts to the loss at the one minute mark.*

I'm sitting here with Pat and Wannstache. Pat is lying on the ground. IWTFTB is here in spirit.

And Mike Babcock is lifting the cup.

We're trying to justify everything, to find some sort of answers to what we just saw. Was a weird bounce that seemed to defy the laws of physics off of Fleury's sweater really going to end this season? Really?!?!


Remember the beginning when there were calls for Therrien's head? For Sabu to start?

Remember when Fleury went down, then Roberts, then Sid, and we still surged? Against all odds, with people saying we weren't going to make the playoffs, Malkin became a leader and Ty Conklin surpassed Hedberg in Pittsburgh lore.

Remember when we acquired Hossa and most of the free world said it was a bad move? 12 playoff goals and a very convincing argument to take a paycut later makes it look almost as big as acquiring Ron Francis at the deadline.

Thats what I want to remember from this season. Thats what will be remembered from this season. Give it a few weeks.

While that Zetterberg goal hurts, no one can blame Fleury. Its like blaming Ghandi for ending a hunger strike. Hate Osgood. He may have, "a bigger heart than people give me credit for," but he has a smaller dick than anyone could possibly imagine. Hate anyone right now, but be ready to let it go. This season isn't about the Redwings, its about a Penguin team that came together and defied expectations.

This post sucks, I apologize, but its impossible to try and write something coherent at this point. Look for a post summarizing the season tomorrow. Until then, appreciate this season and know that when you see a comatose Ryan Malone sitting next to a just finished crying Sidney Crosby that while this season is over we'll be back. Believe it.

*Wannstache has claimed he is holding out for more money due to the posting of the video.


Unknown said...

Christ, I actually remember this episode. The old guy dies.

Who gets to be Uncle Jesse?

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...
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I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

Wow I wish I was drinking what you guys were drinking tonight, because that Full House video is the most random thing I have ever seen on this blog.

I'm convinced that because I only drank 2 beers out of my 6-pack tonight, that this is the reason why the Penguins only scored 2 goals.

I didn't even go out tonight...I'm about to is over...and I can only drink 2 beers? I'm dumbfounded. What did that puck hit on Fleury's back?? Is it Fleury Iron Man? Something is messed up about that bounce...that puck was laying on the ice....!!!! It wasn't sitting on edge! What if we watch sportscenter three years from now to find out that some ex-video assistant from the Detroit has admitted that the Red Wings had placed electromagnets in the puck and the back of the Penguin's net...

Those cheaters.

Dave Wannstache said...

Believe me... I was there when they decided to include the video (obviously for humorous purposes), but I still can't believe they did. It's totally random, and quite gay, but the way Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, and the rest of the crew looked was pretty much how myself, Pat, and Sam looked after Crosby's final backhander missed and the final horn went off.

Anonymous said...

He may have, "a bigger heart than people give me credit for," but he has a smaller dick than anyone could possibly imagine.

Full House video = amazing

Great post

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this video actually cheered me up. What a sappy fucking show.

Unknown said...

michelle: why is everyone so upset daddy?

stache: well honey, the penguins just lost

michelle: what? really?

stache: sometimes honey, things just dont work out like you want them to, kind of like mel kipers big board

michelle: we should have kept Colby! (BANG)

Annnnnnnd SCENE!

Pat said...

the stache as danny tanner. priceless

Anonymous said...

I wonder if maybe the Pens would've been able to stack up better in those first two game in Detroit if they would've faced a more formidable foe in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Philly and New York were OK, but not true tests compared to Detroit. Just a thought.

Dave Wannstache said...

The only thing I like about the Red Wings is that they play some Phil Collins "Misunderstanding" when they get a penalty.

Other than that, they suck, especially that douche Chris Osgood.