Tuesday, June 3, 2008

If You Don't Believe After That....

I'm sitting in my kitchen without the lights on. The TV on the fridge is showing me what happened tonight, but it doesn't seem real. Sam's internet is crapped and 'Stache either drove home or checked himself into a hospital. They told me it's my post. But my eyes can barely focus on the keys. I'm trying to pick out thoughts from my heavy head...

Ryan Malone took a shot to the face and played through it.


Max Talbot made 20,000 at the Joe eat their words. They wanted the Cup. We needed a win. The difference is why the game is played.

Malkin was playing so bad, and the game went so long, that he actually had enough time to start playing better.

Ryan Whitney played 145 minutes.

55 saves. Two quarters and a nickel worth of hard earned rubber stopping. Unreal.

Petr Sykora...called his shot. Think about that. HE CALLED HIS SHOT. He told Pierre that he was going to be the one to score. He took a penalty shortly thereafter and he was the goat. He trusted his teammates to kill it and he became the hero in the next OT.

(I need a drink)

Show me what is better than playoff hockey. Please, I invite you. Show me what can replicate the feeling I have right now. Perhaps the best part about this feeling? Knowing that I DIDNT EVEN PLAY THE GAME. I'm this emotionally drained, and I just watched. I have all the respect in the world for every single man that skated on the ice tonight.

As the minutes ticked down in regulation, I felt so proud of this Pens team. The Cup was being polished, the fans were chanting in their faces...but there was Ryan Malone, playing through the pain. There was MAF, making big saves, just in case.

And then Max Talbot poked open Pandora's Box. Would an overtime loss feel worse? We were playing soooooo poorly...could we even muster an overtime goal? Perhaps if we just kept the game going...wait for our young legs to kick in...

But it became clear that something larger was happening here. What in the hell was Talbot even doing on the ice? How did the puck manage to bounce off the top of the net in overtime? The game became a million little moments that kept the Pens alive, fighting, surviving.

I dont have the energy to fully recap now. There aren't words to describe Fleury's play tonight. Malone's dedication. The team's perserverance. If you go to the game Wednesday, know that you are watching one of the gutsiest sports team that you might ever watch.



Mellon Arena.

Broken noses. Called shots. 55 saves.

Playoff hockey.




I don't think I'll fall asleep tonight


I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

Normally I'll give into school over a big sporting event...Two finals tomorrow, but tonight was a game of a different magnitude.

On another note, I almost died tonight. My roomates said I almost jumped into the ceiling fan when Talbot scored that 3rd goal.

Back to Pittsburgh baby...

Seth said...

I started watching the game with jack and coke vowing not to stop until the game ended. I am going to work still drunk and still giddy over the guts I saw on TV last night/this morning. The momentum swing is huge and I hope the young legs of the Pens will prevail in Game 6. 34.3 seconds!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Go Pens!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post and that sums it up very well.

I had the razor ready and was 35 seconds from shaving off the playoff beard until Talbot scored that goal.

Pat said...

From Mitch Albom's article....

"A four-minute penalty on Jiri Hudler for high-sticking Brooks Orpik. Hudler sat in the penalty box. Orpik was bleeding from the mouth."

It was Scuderi. Glad you bothered to watch the Game Mitch.


Anonymous said...

I like the way you type in a euphoric/hammered/tired kinda way

Patrick Michael McGinty said...
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