Monday, June 2, 2008


Good weekend everyone? How bout those Buccos! Get your $2 tickets now!
Wait, what's that? You were too busy banging your head against a wall Saturday night to notice the 14 run barrage? Oh, right. Me too.
Why exactly did the Penguins loss hurt so badly Saturday night? Because we had the all-important first goal against the Red Wings? Because the Red Wings second goal was so atrocious? Because "the five on three against Detroit" surpassed "fourth and two against Jacksonville" for the most painful Pittsburgh sports phrase of the year?
Yeah, sure. All of that. It is now a three game series in which the Penguins must win three games. And maybe a little bit of desperation is just what the Penguins need. The Rangers HAD to win game 4. The Flyers HAD to win Game 4. They had more desire than the Penguins. Sure, the more talented team eventually won out, but it will be interesting to see if the Penguins dire situation will spark them to a victory or two over a Red Wings team that can afford a brief letdown.
If you are feeling disinterested, then consider this: the Penguins' season could end tonight. Swallow it. Digest it. If you've followed them every night for eight months, then realize what is at stake. We are several hours away from the offseason.
TPb had it up first. Gotta give credit.
Lets Go Pens


Dave Wannstache said...

"fourth and two against Jacksonville"

Ugh, as if I needed to be reminded about that again.

Fuck you, David Garrard.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

This series is going back to Pittsburgh.