Sunday, May 4, 2008

Various People React to the Penguins -Flyers Series

Flyers fans in the State College area: Holy shit! We're not too bad! Time to throw on my old Lindros jersey and act like I've been a fan the whole time!

Colby Armstrong: I'm just proud of my boys. They're doing a great job, I'm really ok with the trade...(starts sobbing uncontrollably)

Ray Shero Show of hands: who misses Eric Christensen?

Bryan Murray The Penguins tried to intentionally lose to the Rangers so they wouldn't have to face the Flyers.

Ed Rendell: There's a team called the Penguins in a city called Pittsburgh?

Barack Obama: Now, look, this series is an incredible story of two teams recently at the bottom of the league, born to a white woman from Kansas and a goat herder from Kenya, who battled through injuries and turned down the big firms on Wall Street to help those on Main Street. This is a story only possible in America. (Sorry Canada)

Hillary Clinton: 7 games is not a good indication of the better team. We should trust only those who have been around hockey the longest to decide who would be best to face the Red Wings in the next round.

John McCain: I'm very much looking forward to watching the series between the Pittsburgh Flyers and Philadelphia Penguins. (Lieberman whispers in his ear). Shit.

Rocky Yo, as Philadelphia's greatest sports champion I want Pittsburgh to know that even though Darien Hatcher has arthritis in his neck and calcium deposits in his joints he'll still be bringin' the hurtin' bombs. Unless that Laraque guy comes around, in which case forget I ever said that.

Carey Price: Sorry, I didn't catch the question.

John Stevens: Wrong John Stevens.

Need to be more specific:

John Stevens, Douchebag: Laraque should still be suspended.

Philadelphia's Champions in the Last Quarter Century: ::crickets::


Anonymous said...

How did your NBA team do this year? And it is pathetic any city would actually support the Pirates. But eh'...the fans in $hittsburgh deserve $hitty teams.

And just as a FYI: Everyone in the world, except for the people who live in the Sootiest City in the world, know that the refs won your NFL championship!

Anonymous said...

Tough words, anonymous. How about you tell us where you're from and what teams you support, so we can all rip you a new asshole...

Anonymous said...

Typical Philadelphia fan... goes back to the WTF is your NBA team. (I'm glad we don't have one instead of glorifying a douchebag like AI for 10 years.) Hop on the Sixers bandwagon in playoff time and if the Flyers lose they will just pretend like nothing happened and go back to rooting for the Phillies and Brett "The Beater Myers". By the time they are out of contention in Septemeber, it will be time to hop on the Eagles bandwagon while they snort coke lines with Andy Reid's sons making them even more delusional. After the Eagles go by the wayside in early January, they will begin to talk shit about either the Flyers/ Sixers/ whoever is doing better.

Seriously anonymous, why don't you think about what the heck you are saying between home economics and trigonometry this morning and get back to us.

PS: Dumbass, Pittsburgh was ranked the 17th cleanest city in the world by Forbes magazine. I understand it is not Maxim or FHM, but I stil think FORBES is pretty respectable. I also think Philadelphia was ranked as one of the fattest. Maybe next time instead of posting something ridiculous, you will take a walk.

Sam said...

Well said, steely dan. You were right about their fattest city ranking...they're actually THE fattest city.

I also love how he says nothing of the Flyers, almost like he knows whats going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Wow... the hillbillies of $hittsburgh are really that dumb:



So let me get this right....everything in my statements were factually correct....and you all dumba$$es are wrong!

Anonymous said...

Fattest City: Int the year 2008 it is VEGAS yo hillibillies. Go make some steel.

Anonymous said...

This just in - Sidney Crosby has won the gold medal in diving at the Summer Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Wow....just looked at the Sam's brilliant article. From 1999. What a clueless MORON!

Shoot me a message at my site...make sure you drink some Piss/I.C. Light to get your courage up!

Anonymous said...

This article is spot on, and Rick has a tiny penis.

Sam said...

I confused the rankings. Philly actually has the ugliest people in America. So to be clear, they are not the fattest, just the ugliest.

Jay said...

I only ever visited Philly once. I saw a man eating a newspaper out of the garbage because it had some leftover food smudged on it. No lie.

Derek said...

okay well, this certainly looks like a heated exchange and its not even tuesday yet. Someone (and by someone i do not mean the random philly fans who have decided to post on this blog for the first time ever) please take a look at this photo from the PPG photo gallery. Is that not Casey 'Big Snack' Hampton behind the glass in the upper right-hand corner? (

Anonymous said...

Rick from Philly,

You are a douchebag who gives all Rick's a bad name. I will trade a little bit of soot for not having to carry around a.45 everywhere I go or take a military escort to try and visit a friend at Temple. Philadelphia is A) right next to New Jersey, B) is dangerous to walk in, C) Is now being marketed as "the San Fransisco of the East Coast" thanks to Dan "Don't Call Me Danny (or take my lunch money)" Briere and D) is a place that gets a superbad rap becuase rich kids like you from the suburbs of Bucks County hop on their Mac that Daddy bought them and write dumb comments. I would bet that if I offered you an IC Light right now, you would take it because it sure beats the 12-pack of Natty Light that your older brother charges you $20 to get or stealing wine from moms liquor cabinet and replacing it with water.

PS: With this post, the trash-talking on cities should stop. This is a HOCKEY series. The only reason you have yet to write anything hockey related is becuase you have no idea who plays on your team. Although you may be the guy that helped Patrick Thoreson make his comeback so quick. Surely it had Riley Coyote asking "What's your secret?"

Anonymous said...

Just kidding, guys, I actually love $hittsburgh. I also love sucking cock and taking it up the ass. Go Flyers! Crosby sucks!

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you won a championship again?

Anonymous said...

I don't know the last time we won a championship. But what I do know is that $hittsburgh stole a Super Bowl, and that I love it when John Stevens and RJ Umberger suck my tiny dick.

Anonymous said...

You don't know when the last time Philly won a championship because you weren't born yet. Also, your dick is tiny because puberty hasn't occured. Glad to see that you made your post right before your mom's midnight curfew. I hope you are not tired tomorrow for your algebra exam. Here's the only math you need to know.

87> 18
71> 48
55> 21
29> 43

incase that isn't enough
27> 32
10> 20

consider yourself warned

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...
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Sam said...

To Philly fans:

I don't care about mindless bashing, but keep the comments somewhat reasonable with the language. I thought about keeping the inappropriate comments, only because they do more damage to the reputation of Flyers' fans than anything any one of us could say, but we have to have some standards.

Anonymous said...

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