Monday, May 26, 2008

Trying to Figure the Newly Configured

If you haven't already heard about the newly configured lines that the Penguins will be rolling with in Game 2, you don't watch enough TV. While I agree with the addition of Malone to the first line, the addition of Roberts to the line-up in general, I couldn't be more wholeheartedly disappointed with the scratching of Laraque.

Ryan Malone-Sidney Crosby-Marian Hossa

Ok...You'd have to be on crack to not think this line won't be unstoppable.

Finally someone realized that no one was creating a Pas-cal God-send banner in the upper deck of Mellon Arena for Dupuis.

This line has two skill players, and Pascal did little to make the line better. Ryan Malone will bring a dynamic that could make this line very fun to watch. Malone should be good at getting in front of the net and banging in all those loose pucks that Hossa and Crosby fire off of Osgood.

Max Talbot-Evgeni Malkin-Petr Sykora

I love Talbot. Skyora on the other hand is starting to look like Mark Recchi. Maybe hes just a little too old and a bit too tired for this whole run to the Cup thing. If there were a senior tour of the NHL, Recchi and Skyora would be front runners for the jog to the Cup.

All-in-all Malkin needs to pick it up...Talbot and Malkin together should make for a great line if Malkin decides to move his feet. We all know Talbot will.

For all that I'm concerned, Sykora can just sit in the slot looking for a one-timer off the boards, or maybe he could sit behind the goals and turn on the red-light when necessary.

Pascal Dupuis-Jordan Staal-Tyler Kennedy

Play good defense...that's all we need from you guys. It also wouldn't be a bad idea if Staal decided to play like he did in Game 4 against Philadelphia. Is it just me or does anyone else see Mario Lemieux in Jordan Staal, as he pulls the puck in and out of defenders with his long and controlling reach... While I only see those moments in flashes, its fun to compare.

Gary Roberts-Adam Hall-Jarkko Ruutu

Gary Roberts is back...This move couldn't of come any earlier, but unfortunately it comes at the expense of Laraque.

Ok, yeah...part of me still hopes that Laraque can lay down the law with Darren McCarty, but seriously...Laraque has created more goals than Adam Hall. I can think of two off the top of my head, including one of his own against the Rangers. The other question you have to ask yourself is who would center that fourth line? Who would take face-offs? Yeah, the fourth line rarely takes face-offs anyway, but maybe the Penguins could just let Laraque lay-out the opposing centermen right off the draw.

Ok...wishful thinking from a man who enjoys the physical element of the sport, but I guess I'll just hope Therien dresses Laraque for the Penguins home games at Mellon Arena, and then I'll just hope that something like this happens again...


Anonymous said...

4th line? Hall takes the faceoffs because he is our best faceoff man. Seriously. If a faceoff matters, Hall takes it.

Laraque for Hall? You are on crack. Hall has prevented more goals in the playoffs (by means of solid penalty killing) than Laraque could ever hope to be apart of.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

That's true anonymous...Laraque really has no value in the playoffs, it's so sad.

I would really enjoy seeing him beat Osgood or Franzen's ass...

Anonymous said...

id like to see him whip mccartys ass up in the press box