Friday, May 23, 2008

Stanley Cup Prediction

Photo by Chaz Palla of the Trib

Easily the most hype that has been floating around these finals is the lack of knowledge about these teams. Has there ever been more guess work surrounding a final? The Penguins are definitely the sexier pick. With the youth and star power of the Penguins, you can sense there is a palpable desire from those who root for the NHL as a whole to see the Penguins win.

But, really, any pick is a shot in the dark. Both teams have been playing phenomenally well against different teams. There's no significant history. You can look at the stats, and only find that these teams have very similar numbers in the playoffs.

There is one thing the Penguins have done significantly better than the Red Wings, and that is respond to adversity. It seems like a decade ago, but the Penguins struggled coming out of the gate. 8-11-2. Then there was the Thanksgiving game. Go reread Pat's article about that again. You can sense he was trying to temper his excitement, but he knew that it would all change around. And it did.

Then Fleury got injured. And Roberts. And Sid. And through it all the Penguins surged. But if you're visiting this site, you already knew that. When has Detroit faced any adversity this entire season? How about when the best defensemen alive injured his knee on on February 18th, and subsequently missed 6 games. They promptly lost 4 in a row.

If there is anything I feel confident guaranteeing is that there will be adversity for both teams. I'd love to see the Penguins sweep, but Detroit is too good to let that happen. At some point in this series both teams will get a a kick to the balls and one will respond. I'll take the kids who don't know any better. Pens in 6.

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