Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Schedule Makers Screw Detroit

Must be fun to be in Detroit right now. The Wings are playing for the Cup, the Pistons are in the Eastern Conference Finals...good times, right?

Unless, of course, the schedules conflict.

TheBigLead just threw up a post about this: Games 1 and 2 at Joe Louis Arena are on the same day as Games 3 and 4 in the Palace at Auburn Hills for the Pistons. Saturday and Monday at 8pm, Red Wings vs. Penguins. Saturday and Monday at 8:30pm, Celtics vs. Pistons.
Much has already been made of the Red Wings inability to sell out games, although to be fair, the actual ticket numbers are about equal to sellouts at Mellon Arena, if not greater by the end of the season. But that doesn't change the fact that roughly 2,000 seats were unfilled for each game. I think we can all agree that if the Mellon had 2,000 extra seats, each one of them would have been filled over the past few months.

But the point of this post is not to compare Pittsburgh and Detroit fans. The point is this: if Red Wings tickets were easy to get before, they might have just gotten easier. The Pistons game will not only draw away viewers, but it is reasonable to assume that it might draw away some fans. Ticketmaster still looks ugly, but bide your time Pens fans. Red Wings fans face something of a conundrum, and Penguins fans may very well be the benefactor.


Sam said...

I don't like the move, but it makes sense to the NHL. They probably won't lose much viewership; the people who watch the NHL are fairly committed fans.

It screws over the Detroit fans, though, to get some media attention, which is never a good thing. The NHL will probably just say they had this plan before the NBA schedule was announced and don't believe in kowtowing to the NBA.

I'm glad to see Detroit fans have not resorted to blaming it on the Crosby Conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Saw doubt about it on the text message thing at PNC Park tonight, so I thought I'd check it out. Great site!

Anonymous said...

Your argument about PNC sellouts and Joe Louis sellouts raises a good point, but the Detroit Metro area has a far bigger population than does Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

While the whole numbers thing may be true, you also have to consider that to attract people to the games Red Wings tickets were as low as 9 dollars for most of the season, and they still weren't getting sellouts.

Unknown said...

What $9 tickets are you talking about!? I sure as hell never seen a ticket for 9 bucks at the Joe.

People in Detroit have to choose where to spend their money--and with three great teams (Wings, Pistons, Tigers), sometimes the Wings aren't the ones taking it all. It's sad. Very sad. But it's reality.

The Pistons play in Auburn Hills, MI--which is about an hour north of Detroit. I don't expect that becoming too much of an issue. The tickets are equally expensive. I would worry if the Tigers were playing on the same day. Comerica Park is a couple blocks away from The Joe and you can take "lil' Johnny" to a game for only $12 a seat.