Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quite Possibly the Most Asinine Article of the Post-Season

If you aren't angry enough after Games 1 and 2, try this piece of trash writing from Scott Burnside on for size.
To summarize: Mario Lemieux is selfish, always has been, always will be. He needs to be more involved in the game, but not in the attention-seeking way he always has been.
No, I'm not kidding. Burnside really thinks that. What does he fail to consider? Oh, I don't know...
- that Lemieux saved the team from bankruptcy by deferring salary payments. If things didn't work out and the team went bankrupt again, Lemieux would have been totally screwed from a financial standpoint seeing as he would have forfeited all the money he was originally owned for the sake of saving the Pens. Sounds selfish to me.
- that proceits from watching Games 1 and 2 at Mellon Arena went to the Mario Lemeiux Foundation instead of Mario's pocket. Again, so selfish.
- Did I mention the Mario Lemieux Foundation?
Maybe what makes me most angry about this is the double standard used by the media on athletes. A guy like Sean Avery keeps making the news and everyone is saying "Go away! Show some humility! Pipe down!" A guy like Mario humbly sits on the sidelines instead of overshadowing the current stars and he needs to force himself in the spotlight more. Call it the Tim Duncan School of Journalism. Winning isn't interesting. Humility isn't interesting. Not granting interviews to scumbags like Scott Burnside is not only uninteresting, but somehow damages the game of hockey. Is it even possible for a guy like Burnside to find a balance?
The comments section on the article makes up for it, though. Take a look through and you will see that Burnside lost many a reader with that article. DAI readers, I beg you: fire away in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe ESPN actually published that. No facts. All speculation. Awful journalism.

Anonymous said...
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bgsteelfan said...

I Usually can't stand Burnside anyway, but when I read that, I was appalled. First thing I did was jump on there and point out the Mellon Arena-Lemiuex Foundation thing. I now officially hate Burnside.

Pat said...

He was on Junker and Crow today and verbal fisticuffs broke out. Pretty funny stuff. I was so proud of Crow for sticking up for mario.