Friday, May 23, 2008

Penguins' Salary Cap Status: You're the GM

I debated about waiting to put this stuff up until after the finals. I mean, we have all offseason. We'll also have some downtime this series, though, and realizing the shape the Penguins are in in terms of the cap puts a lot of things in perspective that can make this series all the more important. I'm not saying next year the Penguins will drop off, just that the team they put on the ice could be very different and just as good.

I took the cap information from NHL Numbers, which is an amazing site, and turned it into an excel file that can be used to toy around with the Pens' financial situation. Wondering if Shero has the room to sign Laraque and Ruutu after giving Hossa $8 million and Malone $4.5 mill? This is how you can find out.


(If that link does not work try this one.)

Send us your edited spreadsheets or just ideas to and we'll post them after the finals are done, along with ours. Hopefully we can find one Pens fan who can figure out how to reasonably keep Hossa and Malone without mortgaging the future. So be creative and specific; names of replacement players would be awesome, and start some nice debate to help get through the offseason.

Who knows, if we put enough effort in we might get some people at the Penguins to notice. The next update will be after the finals.

Some rules for playing GM:

-Just fill in the boxes for the UFA's and RFA's with the average $/year that you would sign the player or their replacement. For example, if I think we won't keep Big George, I may think we should only pay our 4th line RW only $0.75 million/year.

-I bolded the average $/year part above because, unlike the NFL, in the NHL it is tough to be creative with contracts. In the NFL you can front load or back load a deal since the cap hit for a player is their salary for that year. Things like bonuses make it easy to pay a player a ton of money when you have plenty of room under the cap and then have more room when things get tighter. You can't do that in the NHL. Even if you give Hossa $10 million next year and $7 million the next three, he still has a Cap Number of 7.5 million each year. This is what makes it so difficult.

-The cap next year is projected to be around $56 million, a rise of $5.7 million. Thats around an 11% increase, which I used to calculate the cap for future years. Probably unrealistic, but its as good as a prediction as any.

-I have Sabu and Conklin listed as of now, but only one will really stay on the cap. If you decided to sign Conks or his replacement, just delete Sabu's salary for next year.

-You may also want to leave a little room for pulling players up after the roster limit is lifted at the end of February. 200 grand for trades and call ups should do it.

-For more info check out the CBA or the NHL Numbers FAQ


Pensblog Staff said...

that is one of the better photoshops hahahhahaha wow

Keep up the great work boys

Anonymous said...

this photoshop will give me nightmares tonight. Though while I'm not sleeping, atleast I'll have a fun little spreadsheet to play with.

Anonymous said...

Great photoshop

Anonymous said...

3.5M a year for Hossa? where did you come up with that one?

Sam said...

I would pay Hossa's replacement 3.5 million.

I don't think he's worth what we'd have to pay him... we'll have more on this after the series.

Anonymous said...

well, I think I just figured it out.... IF it were this easy... Hopefully we get a couple 'hometown deals'. Malkin at 8, Hossa at 7, Malone 4.5, Staal 3.25, MA Fleury 4.25... No more Roberts, Laraque, Orpik (Yikes). Maybe keep Orpik, get rid of Dupuis and Sydor. Would like to keep Orpik or Gill. Call up Stone or Fillewich. Definitely call up Gologoski. It's actually do-able if we get a couple that want to play for the cup every year... Would like to share my spreadsheet but I just don't know how!!

Doubt About It said...

puck668, just attach it in an email and send it to

I like your thinking...definitely a strong possibility into what could be done in order to keep the most important players.

We'll be making another post on this soon.