Monday, May 26, 2008


In my mind, I started this post a million different ways. "Series doesn't start until the home team loses..."

"The Red Wings are providing the mathetmatical solution to experience over age: 5 defenders in the middle+1 speedy penetrator=big problem for the Pens..."

"Chris Osgood is a..."

Well, see below.

There really is no way to sum up the game in a positive light. However, anyone that wants to hit the panic button should get out now before things really get grisly. The Red Wings are good. Damn good. It really is quite remarkable to watch them collapse their forwards in on the defensive end then spring them loose the other way. One gets the feeling that this Wings team has already had all of its "off" games. The Penguins must simply raise the stakes.

Which means what, exactly? Playing Sydor for Gill, perhaps? Switching the lines back up again (Geno's line=0 shots)? Who can say. There shouldn't be excuses, though. The Detroit Red Wings are playing championship defense. In their own right, the Penguins are killing penalties like a championship squad. But you don't need a blogger to tell you which is more important in a Stanley Cup Final.

You can complain about errant passes, lack of intensity, coaching, or whatever else you want, but the reality is this: a 5 game series starts Wednesday. The Penguins must win four of those five games. At the beginning of the year, you would have taken those odds with this young team. Hell, right now I will take those odds with this young team. Experience beat youth/speed/Crosby/a non-diving-goalie tonight. The real question is: does the youth have enough time to grow up?

Wednesday night we'll find out in a big way.

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