Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eddy Spaghetti Podcast 2.0

We were lucky enough to be involved in Eddy's roundtable discussion on why the Pens can still win the cup. Make sure to check out the end where Pat gives arguably the best Earl Mann impression of his life.

Eddy Spaghetti Pens Podcast: The Ledge

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Anonymous said...

Sydor looked good for a man who hasn't played in a month. He moved the puck out from behind the net quickly, held up rushes so the backcheck could recover, and created a few chances in the offensive zone. (See: Pass to Whitney that Whitney rings off pipe, Also: Joining the rush and receiving a backhand chance 5 ft from the cage.) Because Detroit had to respect Darryl's puck movement, they couldn't put as much pressure on the blueline creating which allowed passing lanes to the opposite point. More importantly, Detroit wasn't able to get out of their own zone as quickly allowing deeper penetration of the Pittsburgh forecheck and a longer recovery time on the backcheck.

Other notes: I have taken heat for getting on Whitney, Orpik, and Scuds earlier in the season. Orpik has become a man, Whitney is gaining confidence, and I think Scuds is a nice "team" guy. However, the weak poke check and jump in that led to Franzen's goal was PATHETIC. He should be ashamed of that effort on the PK when Staal and Hall are working their butts off. Scuds, I think you are a solid player. You deserve to be here. Keep the game simple and you'll be fine.

One other note: Malkin told someone was 'tired'. If you are tired, don't extend your shifts. When your number is called get off. In one situation, Malkin was coming off the ice when someone stole the puck and dumped it. Malkin turned back into the zone, got beat, and failed to backcheck (He didn't even get a stick on him.) It led to someone walking into the middle of the ice. and ripping one from 15 ft. Fleury bailed him out.