Thursday, May 29, 2008

Darryl Sydor the Good Luck Charm, Adam Hall the Crafty Goal Scorer, and Brooks Orpiks (soon to appear on American Gladiators as himself)

The closest Daryle I could find... Darryl Sydor just doesn't have enough game-action on Google.

A couple thoughts from the Penguin's Game 3 Win.....

1) Darryl Sydor shall never be scratched, ever again. (unless his 36-year old body can't get out of bed tomorrow)

Darryl didn't play that well, but that's ok...we won and quite frankly I know a good luck charm when I see one. I'm 22, sometimes I play a sport that I haven't played in awhile and I wake up the next morning feeling like death. Darryl is 36 people.

2)Adam Hall is a pure goal scorer...he just needed some time to develop.

Adam Hall pulled a complete 180 on Wednesday. Not only did he score a goal, but he almost completely blew the game after failing to rifle the puck out of the Penguins zone with some 13 seconds left. Hall is a defensive specialist...some might call him a two-way forward...or a defensive forward, but lets face it...after Game 3 we don't know what he is. We think of him as a penalty killer, not a "Let-me-bank-it-off-your back-like-Lemieux" kind of forward...The teams on crack for all I know. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read what I said about the fourth line before Game 2.

3)Brooks Orpik and Michel Therrien better kiss and make-up because the Penguins cannot let that man walk into the dark night of Free Agency...

If you don't know why, you need to leave our blog immediately. Orpik laid out the entire Drake-Cleary-Draper line. The sequence included 4 totals hits, with 3 of those hits putting people on their back. I love that, that's like Steeler defense or something.

Bonus thought) Don't ever, ever, plan a date with a female without consulting the nearest Pittsburgh sport's schedule.

I'll leave it at that. Always consult before making plans.

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