Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jumping the Gun

These are the past four articles written by Mr. Bob Smizik, Curmudgeon:

Pirates: Same Old Story
It's April, and LaRoche Remains Hitless Wonder
Duke's first start sends mixed signals
Best Nady option for Pirates may not involve trade

Ignoring the pessimistic tone emanating from the most recent two stories, how does one even write these stories and feel remotely confident in anything they are saying with the season so young. The Nady article was written after the first game. And now, apparently, one's performance in April can be judged by the month's first 4 days.

At the end of the most recent article Bob says, "the Pirates have the look of a team headed for another 90-loss season." To put that statement in perspective, that would be like predicting the demise of the Steelers after the first half of their first game, or the Penguins at the half way point of their third game.

We're 3-3. To me, that looks right on pace.

UPDATE from Pat: Geez, when you put four Smizik articles together, life just doesn't seem fun. What a cranky old man. Thought I'd pass along this Dave Zirin article about Clemente just to remind us that the narrative of the Pittsburgh Pirates is not one entirely of gloom.

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Anonymous said...

the picture should be clearer once we see if they can finally win a game against the yankees in their own house...