Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Steelers Release James Harrison

The Steelers are expected to release Pro Bowl linebacker and team MVP James Harrison today. It’s not official yet, but multiple Pittsburgh media outlets have confirmed that Harrison will be released by the end of the day.

It’s an absolute shocker. Look, I know the whole “double standard” dilemma the Rooney’s were facing regarding the Cedrick Wilson and James Harrison incidents put them in a tough spot. Dan Rooney did himself no favors when he later tried to jusify the release of Wilson but not Harrison. It’s quite likely they finally gave in and caved to the immense outside pressure to remedy the situation and maintain the “Steeler way” by releasing Harrison.

In my opinion, Harrison’s release wasn’t necessary. Look, the fact of the matter is that the Steelers are just like any other company or corporation. Some employees are valued more than others. So when these types of things happen, management will either turn a blind eye or take swift action—depending on the value of the employee in question. It doesn’t really need to be said, but in this case, a Pro Bowl outside linebacker who was named team MVP is much more valuable than a #4 wide receiver who contributes little. Those are the facts, and it’s why I never had a problem with the Steelers initial decision to keep Harrison on the roster.

The move leaves a huge hole at ROLB. LaMarr Woodley is slated to start at LOLB, but there really aren’t any other starting-caliber outside linebackers on this team. The free agent pool is bone dry; it’s now April, you can’t expect to find a starting outside linebacker sitting around without a team. More likely, it will have to be addressed in the draft.

All in all, I’m sick to my stomach. The 3-4 zone blitz defense relies heavily on the outside linebackers, and the Steelers just released the best one they had. Why? Because they had to save face with the media and preserve the “Steeler way.” The “Steeler way”, might I add, is a crock of shit. These are football players, not altar boys. Every single team in the NFL has players who have legal problems. I’m going to be absolutely sick when I see Harrison going to another Pro Bowl as a member of the Patriots or Ravens or whatever team picks him up, while the Steelers struggle to once again pressure the quarterback.

(Editor’s note: This post may or may not be another one of those lame April Fool’s Day jokes… okay, it is.)

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Pat said...

The funniest part is that I knew it was an April Fool's Joke, yet I still could imagine Wannstache being "sick to his stomach" over an imaginary roster transaction.

Anonymous said...

You had me for about 3 sentences. Nice job.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

Tyrelle Pryor is going to Penn State.............April Fools!