Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Insert Broom Comment Here

Everyone knows the Pens play tonight. Everyone knows how the series has been going. The only thing I'm really looking hard at tonight is to see if the Penguins have those "gun-fighter eyes", to see if they can really kick a team while it is down. There is no worse feeling in sports than slowly letting a team back into a game/series. The city of Pittsburgh will sleep better than it has in a while if the Pens win tonight. A loss? The Mellon better be rockin' this weekend.

Since there is really no other analysis to add to the ridiculously lop-sided series, let's take a look at Ron Cook's bizarre article today. The abstract would read something like this: Sid and Malkin are good...very good they are rivals...but no one will say fact you are a fool if you do...but I will...sort of...they are very good...CHAMPIONS!?!?!

Ok maybe that is a bit harsh, but it is a bizarre article. It's never a good idea to say "If you didn't know better, you might think..." in the first paragraph, and then write a whole article about thinking that exact thing. Ron Cook just has me confused here.

Also, is it me, or is Ryan Whitney's comment in the second paragraph completely sarcastic and Ron Cook takes it totally out of context? Talbot, Crosby, and Therrien all dismiss the rivalry idea. Did Cook write an article based off one sarcastic comment?

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bgsteelfan said...

Strange Article indeed. I think he is confused a bit. I will say that after leaving the area, I see just how provincial the local newspapers (PG included) can beat times.