Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Gary Roberts Game


I don't even know where to start. I'm still in disbelief. That was quite possibly one of the most sublime sporting events I've ever witnessed. Ottawa acted like little brats, and we OWNED them. MAF put in one of the quietest shutouts you'll ever see. Malkin proved that he is quite possibly the most gifted player in the world - you just CANT knock him off the puck. The Sens took runs at Crosby, and not only did he stick up for himself admirably, but EVERY PLAYER ON THE ICE rushed over and started beating the crap out of a Senator.

And then...there is Gary Roberts.

The guys over at ThePensBlog surrounded the man with a mystified aura, and tonight he showed the world why he deserves it. Where does one even begin? His goal to start the game was ethereal. His spin move late to get free was soul-changing. And his glare at the end of the game - his REFUSAL to let the refs take him from the ice - will go down in Pittsburgh sports lore forever. He simply would not leave the ice. He wanted blood. He wanted a fight. He wanted to show the Ottawa Senators that hockey is not played in the papers or the month of October. Hockey is played in April on an ice occupied by scary men like Gary Roberts. And if you can't take the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen.

It is almost impossible to tell whether or not the Pens are unreal or the Senators blow. Most likely a little bit of both. Ottawa will probably come back stronger in the next few games if they have any dignity whatsoever. But regardless of what happens in this series, these playoffs, or the rest of my time spent on earth as a Penguins fans, I will always remember the Gary Roberts Game. I will always remember the chants of GARY! echoing througout Mellon Arena, pounding into the ears of a Senators team that was witnessing the toughness it would take to win a Cup in the form of a 40-plus year old man walking down the Penguins runway.

Life is good.


pxbrgdude said...

Check out Whitney whoopin' up on Redden:

Sam said...

I can't imagine the feeling of going from possible career ending injury, not only unsure if you'll be able to contribute to your team but never getting to leave something you've been doing for your entire life on your own terms, to coming back and putting in one of the most memorable games of your career. Gary must be feeling pretty good this morning.

Jay said...

The gary Roberts Game...i love it.