Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ask The Scout: Dave Littlefield

Every so often, Cubs' scout Dave Littlefield will answer a question from one lucky Cubs' fan. Here is today's question:

Jacob (Bradenton, FL): Can you tell us a little bit about your new job with the Cubs? Is your main job to scout or are you helping out in other areas of the baseball operations department as well?

Littlefield: Hi, Jacob. As you know, I’m acting as a scout and advisor to Cubs GM Jim Hendry. He has me doing all sorts of things, whether it’s getting him coffee from 7-Eleven or going to the nearest Dunkin Donuts to get him a dozen. Of course, I also do a little scouting on the side, and I was actually at PNC Park yesterday to scout the Pirates a bit. They have a few new players that Hendry wanted me to look at, and let me tell you something, that kid, Evan Meek, impressed the hell out of me. Yeah, he can’t pitch the ball over the plate, and yeah, the fans were booing the shit out of him (I don’t care what the fans think, anyways. They don’t know anything), but that kid is a competitor. When I’m looking at pitchers, the one thing I always want to see is competitiveness and moxie. This kid has it in spades. The defining moment in yesterday’s game was when Pirates manager John Russell came to take Meek out of the ballgame, and Meek would have none of it. He told Russell to fuck off. That was unbelievable! A fellow Cubs front office exec that was sitting with me said that it was just a simple mound visit, and that there was no way Russell could be taking Meek out because the Pirates had no available pitchers left. I told him he was full of shit, because I know what my two eyes saw, and my two eyes saw a guy in Meek who has that competitiveness and cockiness to succeed in this league. Plus, the guy has a 27.00 ERA. Once again, for you baseball novices, that’s one run every 27 innings! I e-mailed Hendry (I should have his job, by the way) and told him to call Neal Huntington and offer Aramis Ramirez for Meek right now. Ramirez stinks. I have no idea how I was able to acquire a package that included Brant Brown in exchange for him. Talk about pure larceny. Yes, that’s right, the same Brant Brown who once hit a home run OVER the old Tiger Stadium roof. Ramirez never did that. Anyways, I haven’t heard back from Hendry yet concerning the Ramirez-Meek trade. I don’t know what’s taking so long.

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Anonymous said...

I love these things. Bringing back Littlefield is always comedy gold.

I can't believe we are holding onto Meek. It's like we're only carrying 6 guys in the bullpen.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Littlefield,

Would you consider trading us back Aramis Ramirez for Evan Meek?