Monday, March 17, 2008

Nice Weekend

DAI Editors, if you can believe it, run pontoons even worse than blogs

As you've noticed, we've been lacking in posts for the past couple weeks. Wrapping up college careers and trying to find jobs that pay us more than 20 cents a day (thanks google ads) will do that to you. I hope you'll bear with us -- I think I speak for all of us, starting this blog has been one of the best decisions we've made and we plan to keep on making improvements, even if we have to step back once in a while. Speaking for myself, I should be able to really pick up the slack at the end of this month, which is nice as it coincides with the start of Pirates baseball and the Pens playoff run. The one positive of this small break has been the ability to store up some ideas...hopefully I'll make up for the lack of quantity with some quality posts coming in April.

Anyway, not a bad weekend in Pittsburgh sports. Pitt's second Big East tourney win in their history and of this decade against a team that could easily have been a #1 seed with a win. A win against Georgetown is always nice too, a school I find just as easy to hate as Duke. Something about the preppiness mixed in with the "They have the son of John Thompson AND Patrick Ewing, amazing!" stories that inevitably come up helps a lot. I also enjoyed the elder John Thompson yelling at Hibbert after picking up his 3rd and 4th fouls in a critical part of the game. If Jay Paterno is coaching Penn State 3 years from now and JoePa starts yelling at Terrelle Pryor from the front row for throwing a pick, please shoot me. Scratch that, if Jay Paterno is coaching Penn State, please shoot me.

Anyway, this Pitt team seems to have the same swagger and magic of the Brandin Knight teams, only with a ton more talent. Their seeding of 4th in the tourney with a potential matchup of Memphis in the Sweet Sixteen was a fairly good outcome. Would you rather face any of the other 1 seeds at that point?

The Pens also continued their scoring outburst, putting up 7 on the Flyers. Hal Gill and Pascal Dupuis have shown their worth and have fit in seamlessly with their linemates. I questioned putting Letang with Gill, only because I figured Gill would be making mistakes as he learned the system while Letang would make mistakes due to age, but they've found some sort of chemistry. Should be interesting to see what Therrien does once Scuderi comes back. Starting 7 defensemen in the playoffs looks like more and more of a possibility.

While we've beaten the Flyers the past two games, something concerns me about playing them in the first round, other than brawls in Beaver Canyon. We play them the final two games of the regular season, which means we could very well play them 9 times in a row. First of all, the series figures to be as physical as any, with the winner emerging playoff tested but banged up going into the second round. Adding two games to that is not good for the potential of people wearing down. Secondly, and what really scares me the most, is that the Flyers could have momentum going in. Imagine we're playing them and the Flyers have to win both or the last game to qualify, while we only need 0-2 points to win the East. If we win both, we essentially knock them out, but if they win they'll "advance" to play us again. The momentum they'll gain from beating us to get in can only hurt the Penguins. There's a lot more to lose than to gain.

Finally, just wanted to plug a poem called "Ode to the Bucs" by Dave Crawley of KDKA. Before you start thinking that I read other things than blog posts during my day, it should be known that the poem was sent to us. No, I'm not that cultured. He apparently wrote it at the age of 13. And what struck me other than his writing ability at a young age, was the fact that 13 year olds poem writers now have lazy Paulino and Jason Bay's perpetual bum knee to inspire them...and that just kind of sucks.

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