Monday, February 18, 2008

What We Learned This Weekend...

- Pitt basketball is...well, Pitt basketball. Really hard game to watch against Marquette. Painful enough that I would just like to move on and stop writing about it.

- The Dunk Contest was "saved" and "brought back" once again. Look, Dwight Howard is a physical freak, and the event itself was a fun way to kill an hour. But this was the 8th year in a row that Kenny Smith proclaimed "OHHHHH!!!! IT"S BACK! THE DUNK CONTEST IS BACK!" after an entertaining dunk. Seriously, it can't be "saved" that many times in a row. Why does the event have to take on this "back from the dead" feel every year? Later this afternoon I am going to go through YouTube clips and I guarantee you that I can find clips from 2000-2008 in which Kenny Smith declares that the event is back for good and that Vince Carter/Josh Smith/Jason Richardson/Nate Robinson/Gerald Green/Dwight Howard saved the dunk contest.

- Duke basketball is not invincible. If you see a skinny man wearing Duke blue in the Wake Forest student section during the highlights of last night's game, then you have been fortunate enough to spot 1) one of DAI's most loyal readers, codename BrittleBones and 2) one of the more unlucky men in America.

- This Pens season is even more improbably than last year's. As I sat in a bar watching the Pens lose in game 5 to the Senators last year with the Artist Formerly Known as Pirate in Search of Nuttings Chest, we both reflected on what a ridiculous season it was. Jordan Staal broke out like a 14 year old with acne, Sidney validated the hype, and Fleury came up big in the playoffs. What a wacky, unpredictable ride it was. Heading into this season, the concern around the Burgh was that we wouldn't be able to recapture last year's magic.

But after games like the one yesterday in Buffalo, you have to ask yourself: could any hockey season possibly be more ridiculous than this one? Ty Conklin is entering a special universe of Pittsburgh athletes. Just writing that sentence lets you know that something goofy is happening. But when you consider the play of Geno, the (for the most part) poor play of numerous players on the team throughout the season, and the endless list of injuries, it just seems too unbelievable a story to believe. Is it a story "that Walt Disney would find too improbable to tell"?* Only time will tell. But when a team gets outshot like they did yesterday and still wins 4-1, you know strange things are afoot.

*Quote from "One From the Heart" is paraphrased. Please comment if you remember the exact phrasing.


Anonymous said...

well that sucked.......

sitting in the opposing students section for a big 'rivalary' upset, pretty damn miserable.

Sam said...

But you survived unscathed and without any point guards punching you in the balls. Sounds like a victory to me.