Friday, February 22, 2008

Taking Out the Trash: Steelers Release Kriewaldt, Tuman, and Rossum

The Steelers today released three veterans: ILB Clint Kriewaldt, TE Jerame Tuman, and KR Allen Rossum. None of this is really shocking. I'm not sure how much was saved, but these guys really had no use to the roster and the money can be better spent.

Kriewaldt's release is mildly interesting, since it pretty much only leaves us with three competent inside linebackers (Farrior, Foote, and Timmons). Expect an inside linebacker to be added either via free agency or the draft.

With the emergence of Matt Spaeth, there simply is no room for Tuman. 3rd tight ends are a dime a dozen, so his replacement can be found quite easily.

I think it's safe to say that the Rossum trade wasn't a good one. While he at least held onto the ball, his kick returns left a lot to be desired. We did only trade a 7th round pick, but I'd rather have an extra pick to gamble on a prospect with upside.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Rossum trade was worth it. At least he held onto the damn ball, which in itself made him an upgrade over the nightmare that was 2006. Any yardage he could get on top of that was just gravy, though he obviously didn't deliver much in that department.

People were crying the whole year for Willie Reid to get his shot, and when he finally did against Balitmore, he coughed up the opening kickoff like it was 2006 all over again! Be careful what you wish for sometimes. I think knowing we'd never give the ball right back to the other team when they kicked was worth a seventh round pick.

Tomlin obviously realized they didn't have a competent return man on the roster coming out of training camp, so he traded for Rossum in a bit of a desperation move. I think it turned out to be an adequate stopgap, though obviously less than ideal. I personally enjoyed never having to hold my breath when a kick came our way like I did in 2006. Between a guy who can catch the ball but sucks at returns and one who might break a long return but also might fumble, I'd take the safe option every time.

But in cutting Rossum, they obviously want to upgrade to someone who can both hold onto the ball AND pick up some good yardage. Whether that will be Jeremy Bloom or someone they pick up in the draft is yet to be seen.

Dave Wannstache said...

I see what you are saying Wieters, but I think that we were so appalled by the Ricardo Colclough experience that we decided we would be okay with anyone who could just hold onto the ball.

But if you look at it by itself, Rossum left A LOT to be desired. His only significant return was a TD against the 49ers, and he was untouched at that. It was so wide open that Hampton could have returned it for a TD.

Colbert sucks on the 2nd day, but less picks means less margin of error. Having our original 7th round pick would mean one more chance to get it right on draft day.

Anonymous said...

i hate saying this, but with the depth in this draft of OL and RB colbert might not be able to eff this one up

Anonymous said...

Also in Rossum's defense, the blocking in front of him was horrible. It seemed like defenders were usually right on top of him as soon as he fielded the ball.

I'm glad the Steelers cut Rossum, because it shows they're committed to improving the return game. But I'm also glad Rossum was our return man in 2006 instead of Colclough/Reid/Holmes/etc.