Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sanchez and the Eve of a Monumental Collapse

-Dejan Kovacevik over at the Post-Gazette has reported that the Pirates signed fan favorite and Malibu Bay Breeze drinker Freddy Sanchez to a 2 year deal with an almost certain to happen club option for the 3rd year. The deal will range around 19 million in total, with the breakdown somewhere at 4.5 million the first year, 6 the next, and around 8-9 million for the third year club option. The third year becomes a guarantee if Freddy reaches some requirements in the first two years, which Kovacevik says likely will be plate appearances.

While the last time we made a significant investment in a singles hitter didn't turn out so well, the framework of this deal makes sense and gives the Pirates some flexibility in that third year if Freddy shows he can't stay healthy. Overall, a much more shrewd move than anything Littlefield ever did. Plus, it provides some kind of indication that the Pirates just might plan on having a higher payroll in the 2010 season and, coinciding with that, a competitive team. One can dream, right?

-According to ESPN, the NFL will be meeting with Matt Walsh, the videographer who claims he has new information on Spygate. The traditional media hasn't been downplaying it, but other than Gregg Easterbrook, who really has to feel quite proud of himself for never letting this go in the face of criticism, there has not been much talk about the repercussions of what everyone says Matt Walsh will be revealing; that the Patriots taped the Rams walkthrough before Superbowl XXVI. Just because the certified journalists won't speculate, doesn't mean we won't.

Assuming Walsh comes out with the info everyone expects, which seems to be almost a foregone conclusion at this point, the Patriots dynasty will always carry some doubt. Always. I don't care if Walsh has no evidence to back it up and, in the end, it can not be proved. Look what happened to Bonds, look what is happening to Clemens. Maybe its not fair, but the minute he comes out with this information is the minute the Patriots dynasty has the asterisk figuratively etched into each of their trophies by the collective conscience.

Will there ever be a greater fall in sports? You're on the cusp immortality, about to complete arguably the greatest accomplishment in the history of sport, and then not only are you rebuffed from that glorious moment, but everything else you've achieved in the years leading up to it becomes tarnished. I felt bad for Michael Vick. I felt like the speculation surrounding Bonds, since there was no hard evidence, was a tad bit unfair. But when Belichick falls, and it looks like he will, there will be no pity. Pete Rose, you may have company.

(If you're looking for a laugh, go and read the comments from I Want to Fight Tom Brady's self-titled post or the related article by Tec over at PSAMP. While the Pats fans there were talking about only the known tapes, its still quite enjoyable to listen to their defensive excuses in light of the present evidence.)


Anonymous said...

God it is great to go back and read those comments. I love how the Pats fans defend themselves for the sake of defending themselves, rather than considering the very likely possibility that the Jets game in Week 1 was not the first time the patriots used video tape.

Here is another smoking gun courtesy of TheBigLead. http://thebiglead.com/?p=4477

Jay said...

What a wonderful week to go back through old comments sections. I love the arrogant, sarcasm-laced tirades from the one prick. They don't exactly stand the test of time.

Sam said...

anon, its a beautiful thing. That Big Lead story is also interesting. Just like Bill Clinton and mistresses, there are probably a bunch of people who will step forward once Walsh makes his case.

I doubt we'll be hearing from those commenters anytime soon.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

8-9 million for 2010...Pirates must be banking on inflation.