Thursday, February 7, 2008

Revenge Is Sweet

ESPN's featured comment of the day...

HA! I knew we'd get the Braves back for knocking us out of the NLCS twice, the last one being particularly painful, and then sending us into a 15 year downward spiral! Now that we've taken their ADD first baseman who still may not be aware that the season starts in April and not July, its all finally even.


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

dude, you still give a shit about the loser pirates? i used to follow them, but 15 years of losing seasons have convinced me that those guys SUCK and they don't care enough to even try to win.

right now he Pens are in first place in the Atlantic division, and they just beat the scumbag flyers.

if you have any respect for pittsburgh sports, you won't make another stupid pirates-related post until they're carrying a .500 record (or better) after june first.



Sam said...

I love the Pens, and actually just signed on to make a post about them.

Yeah, the Pirates suck, but thats what make them nice to write about. If the team is either really good or really bad, there's always something interesting going on. Thats why I didn't particularly find this Steelers' season that memorable. We were pretty good, but had a fatal flaw (the offensive line) and a steadily declining defense. Even though they won the AFC North, the entire season just seemed gilded by Ben's resurgence.

The Pens season hopefully won't end until June, but that still leaves a good 2 months until Steelers training camp. Making fun of the Pirates is a necessity.