Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Fall of the Belichick Dynasty

Take from it what you will: the Pats have been taping since 2000. Does it invalidate any championships? Who knows. Does it diminish any records? Eh, I'm still inclined to say that Tom Brady is pretty freaking good (as much as I hate him). But man, this sure beats the Clemens saga. More to come as this story unfolds.


Derek said...

Quite frankly, I am thrilled that the US Congress has decided to neglect legitimately important issues and stick their noses into the scandals currently plagueing baseball and football. I dont know that Arlen Specter has ever done anything more satisfying than put the NFL on the spot and unearth the true depth of the Spygate scandal.

This report in the PG makes my boil absolutely boil for two reasons. The first is obvious; I would really like to know how many Super Bowl appearances the Steelers would have had since 2000 had the Pats not cheated. Secondly, why on earth are Goodell AND Cowher (apparently) down playing the significance of this scandal!? This may sound like sour grapes, but if I were ANYONE associated with teams that lost to the Pats in Super Bowls, conference championship, playoff games, and regular season games for that matter I would not let this story die until more than a pathetic fine on belicheat and the pats front office were imposed.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 100%, Dirkman. Specter is my new hero.

Cowher is obviously just adhering to the "code of honor" of the NFL coaching fraternity, just like Dirk Vermeil also did. He's aiming for a $10 million/year payday next year, so he doesn't want to step on any toes and jeopardize that. It's selfish and it makes me sick.

Derek said...

I thought about that after I posted as well yesterday and it's sad. If you think about it, Cowher is in a great position to be the coach to lead the effort in voicing criticisms of Belichick and the way the NFL has handled the situation. He is officially free of ties to the league , he is currently a JOURNALIST of sorts whose goal it should be to unearth impact stories, and his reputation is such that other coaches would rally behind his opinions.

Above all he should also realize that controversial coaches and players are signed time and time again and anything he says will have NO impact on whatever job he picks up after this upcoming season.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Cowher will find work no matter what he says. I think he's just trying to preserve his image and reputation, because complaining now would make him look like a whiner and a sore loser.

I doubt Cowher takes this "journalism" stuff seriously, he's just killing time until the right coaching job comes along.

But then again, might Cowher actually be UNselfish by putting the best interests of the league above his own feelings? But if he's only acting unselfishly because he's concerned about his own best interests, then I guess he's back to being selfish again. He's almost in a no-win situation.

If you think about it, that's why Belichick thought he could get away with spying. He knew he could do whatever he wanted, and no one would turn him in or make it public for fear of hurting the NFL's image. In this regard, Eric Mangini is the other hero of this story.

Overall, no one in the "NFL fraternity" was going to do jack shit about this, so it's great that a powerful third party like Specter stepped in to take care of business.