Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bizarro World

No Colby Armstrong. Fleury making an appearance in net. Ruutu actually fighting, as opposed to agitating.

And then this too.

A strange night in the world of Penguins hockey. Nights like tonight make you say "Sidney can't come back fast enough". But Cups aren't won in February, and the Pens have time to answer some questions. Will Roberts come back? Will Sidney need time to regain form? Will Hossa produce? Who will be in goal?

Hopefully the answers to those questions turn out better than: Can Najeh carry the load? Will the defense return to form? Will Ben stop throwing nauseating interceptions?

I won't lie - this post was solely done because Myron's enthusiastic face was tearing me up each time I saw it. Still feels like Bizarro World without him.

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