Monday, January 7, 2008

Penguins' Trade Ideas

Hailing from "America's County" (Somerset), my buddy Rick is probably the only guy to have memorized the ancestry of every holstein in Pennsylvania and been to a Penguins game. He's going team-by-team to suggest trade ideas for the Penguins as we near the stretch run. Yes, some are never going to happen, but thats exactly what makes it fun to talk about. Seem like an idiotic trade? Let him know in the comments.

General Team Overview

The Pen's are 18th in the league in GA/G and 16th in GF/ they need help both ways. The ratio of this when they are playing 5 on 5 is 14th in the NHL at 1 to 1. PP is 12th, PK is 23rd which is a concern since we have been shorthanded a lot. Keeping all of this in mind...

Goalie: Don't worry about it. We can win with Conklin. He is and Unrestricted Free Agent next year, so he has to play well for a big contract. His .939 save percentage would be good for 1st in the league. He is not the solution long-term, but neither is Fleury or Sabourin. Let's just sit tight and milk his greed for a big contract next summer.

Defensemen: Here we have 2 UFA's (Orpik and Eaton.) The Pens are high on Mark and coming off his injury they will get him cheap. So that means they have made a commitment to: Eaton, Gonchar, Whitney, and Letang.

Sydor. I like him. He is minus three, but he is good on the PP. Also, his late goal vs Washinton got us going. He has 2 or 3 cups and we don't have veteran experience. He will be big come playoff time. Also, this man does not take penalties, he has 13 PIM and 5 of those were the major for the fight against Ruzcicka.

Scuderi: Fuck him.

Orpik: With the money we have tied up in Crosby, Whitney, Gonchar, and soon 11 and 71.... we ought to see if we can get something for him. People say he's tough. Every time I see him he is getting slammed. Our entire defense is vaginas so we need to get tougher.

Trade Idea: I think we should trade him for.... Adam Foote, Columbus.

Foote has a big, mean streak and playoff experience. Also, he is fairly large and mean, and a decent offensive threat. Columbus would look to get his $4.6 million off the books and acquire a younger defenseman who will make less next year. Foote will merely be a rent a player, and next offseason we will sign a tougher defenseman. Our lines now become:

Gonchar and Foote- Gonchar will be protected by Foote.
Whitney and Letang- The future top line of the pens.
Sydor and Scuderi- I can't believe I put a Hall of Famer, a guy who played with Gretzky, on the same line as this piece of shit.

Let me know what you think.

Tomorrow: The Kings

Editors note: This is completely random, but I promised a shout out to a new Pittsburgh sports blog Raise the Jolly Roger. Check out their weekend wrap up which gives nice insight on the Pitt loss to Villanova.

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Henry said...

Agreed we need a tough defenseman. Adam Foote? We can't pry him away from the blue jackets for Orpik. We would need to sweeten the deal. Maybe throw in a minor leaguer.

Anonymous said...

Giving up on MAF awfully quickly, no? Fleury's 23, so he's nowhere near his peak as a goalie -- he is the Pens' long-term solution in goal. If anything, Fleury's probably farther along in his development than he really has any right to be, especially since he basically plays behind a team with a nonexistent defense.

I wonder if the Pens could pry Brian Campbell away from Buffalo in the search for a big defenseman -- he's cheaper and seven years younger than Foote, and he'll be a UFA at the end of this season. Mike Commodore in Carolina is also a UFA after this year, but I seriously doubt the Canes would ever take Brooks Orpik in return with the bad blood that exists over the time Orpik boke Erik Cole's neck. It's going to be tough to make any deal, but I think the Pens can (and should) do better than Adam Foote.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and Scuderi's played better this season than Darryl Sydor. There's a reason why Sydor's been a healthy scratch and Scuderi hasn't.

Sydor has played better of late, and it's probably because he's getting used to the Pens' system. Remember how long it took Sergei Gonchar to find his game when he came to Pittsburgh? I'd keep Sydor around through the remainder of his contract (he's signed through next season) because he'll probably play a lot better next year.

Anonymous said...

Name that goalie:

The season he turned 23 (as Fleury did this season), he posted a 16-33-4 record, with a 2.77 GAA and a .915 Save percentage. This goalie didn't post a winning record until the season he turned 27.

Dead giveaway of a hint: He'll probably win the Vezina this season. And he's 29.

Answer: Roberto Luongo.


Sam said...

I agree with you completely about MAF, Nathan. He needs more time and will develop. Thoughts have crossed my head about trading him for a winger for Crosby, although only from the streak that Conklin has been on.

About Campbell, I would love to get him, but we would have to pay a fairly stiff price, I would imagine. He ranks 8th in points for defensman, and even though he is a UFA we'll probably have to give something up.

I think the Blue Jackets are interesting because as of now they won't make the playoffs and three out of 6 of their defensemen will be UFAs. Ron Hainsey (6'3") interests me the most, putting up 3 goals and 18 assists...a definite offensive upgrade over Brooks...and a solid +8. I wouldn't mind Jan Hejda (6'3"- 0 G - 8 A - +8) too, but he wouldn't be too much better.

I like both Sydor and Scuderi...Rick has a thing for older veteran defenseman. I hope you're right about MAF and I want to be patient with him as well. It's never a bad thing to have depth at goalie, and maybe Conklin can provide that at the end of this year. Even when MAF was healthy we were looking for trades for a capable backup. Looks like we've solved that problem at least.

Anonymous said...

Name that goalie:

The season he turned 23 (as Fleury did this season), he posted a 22-14-6 record, with a 2.61 GAA and a .909 Save percentage. This goalie did posted a winning record the season before. Like Luongo and Fleury he was drafted in the top of the first round.

Dead giveaway of a hint: He was drafted by Calgary and was annoying as hell.

Answer: Trevor Kidd.

For every Luongo, Brodeur and Barrasso taken in the first round there is a Kidd, Jamie Storr, and Eric Fichaud. While Fleury still has time to develop, it doesn't mean by any stretch that he is destined to. Each year that goes by without him making that elite jump the odds of him joining the Sabus of the world only increases.

Bmac21 said...

Hey Sam, thanks for the plug.

Pat said...

Trevor Kidd. Wow. That is why we started a blog way back when: so people could remind us that Trevor Kidd exists. Great name pull.

Anonymous said...

this blog is a joke. this kid knows absolutely nothing about hockey. jobbing scuderi this season is anything but good hockey analysis.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, jobbing Scuderi means that you have limited hockey knowledge. Have you watched him play this year? This whole analysis is a joke.

Pat said...

Yeah I kinda thought Scuds was playing solid D too. Guy continually gives up his body in front of the net to break up odd-man situations. That sentence sounded really weird, but it's too true. He has clearly been better than Orpik or Whitney. As Adam said over on Faceoff-factor, you don't notice him and that is a good thing.

Henry said...

Scuderi has been awesome this year, but its only been a half a year. I hope he keeps it up, but saying Scuderi deserves a spot on this team for the future is like saying Staal should be off the team next year for his first half troubles.

I love the pensblog. But get your own material. The overuse of "joke" and "jobbing" is like repeating lines from napoleon dynamite or superbad. Unoriginal.