Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Penguins' Trade Ideas: Kings

We've gone Penguins' heavy this week, mostly in response to the Steelers' loss. As Pat pointed out a couple nights ago, there were so many things to point to in that game that could have changed the outcome that it becomes laborious just to talk about them. I am proud of Steeler nation for the general response afterward. Sure, there were gripes about the non-holding call on the 4th and 2, but generally we blamed the players and coaches, especially Arians, because we should not have been in that situation in the first place.

I've been trying to get in contact with Rick so he could defend his hatred of Scuderi, but he's gone Dave Chappelle on us. And just like Chappelle's Lost Episodes, his last trade idea will be posted and many of you probably won't like it. The important thing to remember is that he's going team by team looking for trades. This doesn't mean he would definitely pull the trigger, but if Joshua Foss took everyone in Mellon Arena hostage and forced the Pens to make a trade with this team, this is what he would do.

The fake mustache he puts on at the end of Sudden Death was more evil

Let Rick know what you think in the comments.

Rick's Trade Ideas. Los Angeles Kings

Rob Blake is for sale to the highest bidder. The Kings would like to move his $6 million contract, even if it is just for the remainder of the season. Blake does have a no-trade clause, so he wishes only to play for a contender. The Pens could be a possible suitor. In 2001, Blake was dealt to a team full of superstars in the making (Drury, Hejduk, Forsberg, Sakic, Tanguay) and helped a defense with one other defensemen (Bourque) and a bunch of no names (Martin Skoula, Greg de Vries, Jon Klemm, And Eric Messier) win the cup. Sound like anybody you know?

Pros: The back line of the Pens gets a whole lot tougher and experienced. With Gonchar, Sydor, and Blake, you are looking at some outstanding players who have a bunch of cup experience. Blake could play with the ECHL player that is Rob Scuderi and make him look good. Or he could log about 25 mins a game with Gonchar. The PK gets a lot, better as well as the PP. With Sydor, Gonchar, Blake, and Whitney, you have about 50 years of PP point experience all on the same roster.

Cons: Blake is gone next year, he'll probably be a King again. Also, we will have to give up some young talent to get him. Possibilities include Christiansen, Kennedy, Armstrong and Talbot.

Sure, we all think of these guys as core Penguins players, but it is important to remember they were core system players when we were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs or not in them at all. In order to improve as a hockey team, you must improve your system players. Of these guys, the only one to be concerned about is Talbot. Sure, Eric scores in shootouts, but he has only scored 6 goals and has 7 assists, which isn't very much for a so-called "play-maker". Sure, Kennedy could be a player in the making, but with Staal inevitably moving back to be a 2nd line center (Ed. Note: Assuming Malkin stays on the top line) and Talbot on the third line, is this a kid you want on the fourth line? No. He could play wing, but he is too small to hold his own in the corners. The kid really has no future in the Burgh. Finally, Colby has lost his edge. He used to be a tough grinder, but now he is playing weak and not finishing checks. He is however on a tear of late, and this could interest the Kings enough to trade for him.

Sam's Synopsis: Probably won't happen. Finding a winger is the number one priority, and even if we could use the defensive help we won't be trading for one until Blake is out of L.A..


Anonymous said...

What is your obsession with over the hill defensemen?

I think we would be investing too much in this year. It's too early to give up on any of the players mentioned for a D-man that won't be around next year.

If the Kings have trouble unloading him near the trade deadline we could get him cheap. Would not mind the trade if we give up less than any of the players you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Our defense isnt great, but it is certainly sufficient, also losing Eaton downgrades it. It is still obvious that the penguins biggest problem is the lack of a consistent scoring winger, not gaining more old offensive defensemen.

Pat said...

Rick, thanks for contributing, but I think you picked a really bad time to start talking about the Pens D. The Florida game was boring in a 90s Devils kind of way last night, as in the D just wasn't letting any leaks (the shorthanded breakaway excluded). Buccigross did mention the Pens in a tidbit about Blake, and with Eaton out it is a possibility. But I don't think that Shero is looking at his defense and saying "wow, I need to reload that unit pronto". I think he's saying "good lord, I am counting on BGL to come up with game-clinching goals."

Anonymous said...

He's going to do this for all 29 teams? He has no idea what he's talking about. Please stop this feature now.

Doubt About It said...

Well I have not been able to get in contact with him since he sent this article, so probably not. The fact that he is talking about the Pens D at this point is mostly my fault...he sent this to me on the 3rd of this month, before the Toronto game and when the streak was only at 4, not 7.

I don't think it's ludicrous to be looking for D help, though. There were people calling for the demise of the Penguins when we lost 3 out of 13 games from October 25th to November 21st. Hell, the 6 games previous to this 7 game streak, the Pens only kept their opponents under 4 goals once. I sound like Bob Smizik, and thats not a good thing. All I'm saying is we shouldn't get complacent.

Sam said...

That last comment was supposed to be under my name. My bad.

Sean said...

Has anyone heard from I Want To Fight Tom Brady? How's he doing since the Ohio State game?

Pat said...

I hear ya, sean. I've been scared to call him - the guy has been to three national championship losses in the past calendar year (2 football, one basketball). I'm wondering if he ever made it back from Bourbon street.

Sam said...

Word is he flew to Miami to start looking for tickets to next year's loss to the PAC10/SEC champion.