Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ohio State vs LSU- From NEW ORLEANS!

This is a Pittsburgh blog, I know... but remember, if you're a true Steelers fan, eventually there will be a Steeler's Superbowl in the Bayou, so listen up.

Myself, I bleed Scarlet and Gray. I sold my Steelers playoff tickets in favor of a trip to New Orleans...hang me...cuss me...tell me Tom Brady is going to beat my ass...I don't care, it is currently 68 degrees in New Orleans. I made the right 'decision.

It's not like I forgot where I came from either... I'm currently wearing my Big Ben jersey, and I'll be wearing it out tonight. (more on that later)

My plan is to give every Pittsburgh fan, every OSU fan, every LSU fan, every college football fan, some incite into the night life of New Orleans AKA "Bourbon Street". An up to the minute, up to the hour update on the fun this city can provide.

Like I said...Pittsburgh will be playing a Superbowl here one day.

8:30pm: Left Columbus, Ohio:7 guys, 1 RV, 0 Containers of Alcohol (space issues)

11:30pm: Arrive at a Gas Station somewhere in Kentucky: Take a leak. Purchase 10, 8 oz Coors lights. Yes...somewhere in this world they have 8 oz. Beers. Our Plans: Shoot the 8 ouncers once we arrive in New Orleans.

Arrive in New Orleans: We drove way too fast and got here way too early. Can't check into the hotel...

First beer of the day: Gator Ale...14% alcohol. Let us keep in mind that this is my first meal of the day. I'll treat it as lunch. A bowl of Gumbo it is, a true taste of New Orleans. Interesting, but not that great. It wasn't worth the money ($9.95) and it wasn't a good drinking meal. I am drunk.

2:00pm: Scoop up some Beer and Liquor: If you ever come to New Orleans, BYOB. You can walk in the streets with an open container as long as it is in a plastic cup or aluminum can... The problem is you can't find 24 packs of beer in New Orleans. Save yourself some money and pack the cases of beer for the road. Iron City aluminum bottles anyone?

3:47pm: Tyrelle Pryor just won the U.S. Army All-American MVP Award: Go to Ohio State.

-Ok I'm gearing up for the 4 o'clock NFL Football game. Wait...Seahawks vs I'm going to take a nap. Join me later.

I've brought the Rockies right to my hotel sink: "Is there any cold beer, or just these warm ones" a friends asks, "The sink" we reply in unison.

5:05pm: Bought some Tickets to the big game: I'm now broke. If you defer the cost of these tickets over the rest of my life, the cost is about $7-$10 a year. Not a bad way to look at it huh... I didn't buy tickets to last year's game, even though I was in Phoenix, so missing out this year just wasn't an option. Keep in mind that Ohio State hasn't lost the past two seasons when I'm in attendance (I missed the Illinois game this year).
Lessons to learn from my experiences: never buy your tickets from the scalpers on-site (in New Orleans). When I was in Phoenix I couldn't even find a ticket to buy around game-time. I also never heard from a single person who found a ticket for less than $1000 dollars a piece. Go with eBay or some random ticket broker...find the people that aren't willing to travel to New Orleans to sell these tickets. This may be a college football game, but these scalpers are pros.

-Does anyone like watching the Seattle Seahawks?... Good god they are boring. The Skins too...or maybe I just don't give two shits about the NFC. I think it's time for Harrah's Casino, then some Steelers football. Check in with me later.

12:06am: Steelers Lost: Plain and simple... Release Sean Mahan. I watched the Steelers lose with some Buccaneer/Ohio State fan's...they were very gracious. I walked back to the hotel for some more beer and had atleast 6 "Steeler" fans ask me "Who won?"....I politely answered..."The Jaguars"...when I should have told them to "Go shove it up your ass". I actually challenged one Browns fan to a fight. He thought he was all tough and cool until I took my Steeler jersey off for some Buckeye colors.

Ok back to Bourbon...we now have some reserve beer.

12:16am: Puking rally!!!: My buddy puked at about 6pm earlier today, and now at 12:16am he has manned up and decided to come out and hit Bourbon street with us. "Let's fucking rock, and go Bucks" he says. "I don't normally puke"...he exclaims. (The Cajun Burger + Tequilla is what got him).

To the Streets!

Sunday 4:02pm: When the Steelers get an offensive line, and we make the Superbowl...: I hope it's in New Orleans. This place is too much fun. Talking shit when you've been drinking all night is the best part. It's just a pity the Steelers won't ever play the Patriots in the Superbowl. I'd love to talk shit to their fans... Surprisingly I didn't see one fight last night. All the trash talking has all been done in good fun, with plenty of respect for both teams.

Sunday 8:13pm: "Shake that ass...!": That's what the group of men were screaming to the strippers throwing beads from the roof of "Hustler" strip club. The best part...the group of guys is just surrounded by their wives, shaking their heads in happy disgust. Happy disgust...I've only seen this in New Orleans where wives seem to approve of their husbands immaturity. If you're married...keep this in mind.


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